Vikings Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Has Rollo Found an Ally?


vikings historyWhile much of the first season of Vikings has been about Ragnar’s rise to power, the farmer coming to grips with being the Earl after defeating Haraldson in a duel, there’s also been focus on the effect his power has had on others. The death of Haraldson bumped Siggy to the bottom of the social hierarchy after years of being Viking royalty, furthered the already growing distance between Ragnar and Lagertha, pregnancy or not, and, most importantly, marginalized Rollo to the point of agitation. The latter couldn’t deal with his brother coming into power and wanted to be right up there with him, basking in the glory of victory, riches, and notoriety; Rollo was jealous of the man that Ragnar had become, to the point that it stunted his own development. But has he finally found an ally to help him play catch up?

On the next episode of Vikings, Ragnar has gathered a small group to make the trek to Gotaland with the intent of resolving a land dispute with Jarl Borg, the man who rules the area. Borg is intrigued by coming face to face with the oft-talked about Earl Ragnar, but when he gets Rollo alone, talk turns to the untrustworthiness of brothers, with the Jarl telling of his brother attempting to kill him by means of poison. Although Rollo has firmly been on Ragnar’s side this season on Vikings, saving him during the trial and fighting alongside him at nearly every turn, there’s still that voice in his head telling him to separate himself from the Earl. Namely, that continuing to support Ragnar could lead to his own ambitions being suppressed in the name of family and, as much as he loves his brother, he doesn’t want to live in his shadow for the rest of his life. Has the time come for the two to go their own ways, even if it costs them their familial bond?

Elsewhere on Vikings, a plague has taken a toll on Kattegat and the villagers are looking to Lagertha to make a sacrifice to the gods and ease their suffering. But what will she have to sacrifice to aid her people? Will it be too late to make a difference?

The season finale of Vikings airs Sunday at 10:00 on History. The show has already been renewed for a second season, set to begin production this summer for a 2014 premiere.

What do you think is the Jarl’s agenda in playing on Rollo’s insecurity? Should Rollo put more trust in Ragnar than he has been or is he right to keep a certain amount of distance? Just how devastating will the plague on Kattegat end up being?


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  • Lucy

    I watched this on youtube. I read some reviews. I have a totally different take on it. I think Ragnar is arrogant and Horik is dangerous. Ragnar doesn’t delegate or recognize talent as he should. A chief is supposed to reward his followers with a wife. Rollo still has none. Now Ragnar, the creep, is ditching and betraying his family. His theme could be MORE MORE MORE. Rollo isn’t going to wait around and be betrayed like everyone else. Jarl Borg is very shrewd. He recognizes talent and he wants to reward it. I think Horik wanted Jarl Borg to kill Radnar, but he didnt’ fall for it. Rollo is going to ditch Siggy, she doesn’t believe in him. Rollo is also rather shrewd so these two men recognize each other.