Weeds Sneak Peeks: Shane Goes After the Shooter

WeedsOf all the main characters on Weeds, Shane has always had the highest opinion of his mother. Andy wallowed in his love for his former sister-in-law for season after season, a love that turned into some type of desperate need for acknowledgement; Silas has become more of a business associate than the eldest son, their frosty relationship in season seven only beginning to thaw; Doug just…doesn’t really care, minus the chance to cop a cheap feel, get a look at cleavage, and have access to a good strain.

But Shane has stood by Nancy, whether it be from guilt of her taking the fall for Pilar’s murder or a natural bond between a mother and her middle son, when nobody else would. Which is why it’s no surprise that, after finding out that Tim shot his mother, he took off after him in hopes of settling the score. Next week’s episode of Weeds, titled “See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die”, lifts the veil of secrecy around the shooting, as Nancy and Silas find Tim online. Nancy had a moment in the last episode that showed she was aware of Tim being in the room with her without knowing who was there, so it should be interesting to see her put things together and come to terms with someone from her past coming for her life.

Elsewhere on Weeds, Andy continues fighting for Jill, this time butting heads with Scott over the twins. There was already a certain amount of tension between them before the incident in the Chinese restaurant, so Scott’s newfound hostility and willingness to have a slap-fight with another grown man aren’t that surprising. Something’s going to have to give between the three of them, though, particularly since Taylor and Shayla are beyond over it and Jill’s very much caught in the middle. Could this be Andy’s happy (in a sense) ending or will Jill and Scott get back together once again?

Weeds airs Sunday at 10:00 on Showtime.

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