USA’s White Collar Will End After a Six Episode Season Six

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It seems that most good shows on USA get to live a long, long, long healthy life most of the time. White Collar has been running strong for years now, but it seems the show will now bow out after season six, according to Deadline. The catch is that the sixth season will only be six episodes long. Why was the decision made to end the show, and do it in such an abbreviated fashion?

“With ratings still solid, the renewal negotiations zeroed in on the show’s economics. At this point in the run of a series, a network is responsible for the full production cost. With a well-known cast and extensive location shoots in New York, White Collar is an expensive show. What’s more, it is not owned by USA. USA parent NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment has made owning content a priority with the appointments of Jeff Wachtel and Dawn Olmstead to spearhead in-house production efforts. The network has a lot of projects in the pipeline  and has been going through a portfolio changeover, replacing its older shows with new ones. From a business perspective, continuing White Collar at the current price tag might not have made a lot of sense for USA.”

That said, since White Collar is such a banner show for the network now that Monk, Burn Notice and Psych are off the air, and Matt Bomer is the handsomest man on the planet and one of their most recognizable stars, the show deserves a proper send-off. They’re giving it enough time to wind down and tie up its loose ends (even if six episodes is rather tight) , and it’s hard to think of any show that gets to run six seasons as being “killed too soon.” I’m sure fans and the cast will be sad to see it go, but I doubt anyone involved is going to be out of work for long, especially Bomer himself. He should join up on the CW’s Arrow and the world would explode from the handsomeness combo of him and Stephen Amell. Alright, I seem to have gotten off track here.

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