Zero Hour and Do No Harm get Runoff Dates


Two shows who saw their lives cut short will be returning to the air to burn off their episodes.  ABC’s Zero Hour was killed after three episodes back in February.  The series will return Saturday, Jun 15th at 8pm on ABC and will run in that time slot up to a two-hour series finale on August 3rd.  Presumably the production had time to cook up a satisfying conclusion for the series.

Over on NBC, Do No Harm will be returning to Saturday nights starting June 29.  Do No Harm premiered with the lowest ratings for a scripted series out of the four major networks and was killed after two episode.  NBC will air the remaining episodes in a row without interruption.  No finale date is set, so there is no confirmation as to whether production was shut down before the initial order or if additional episodes were baked into the deal so that they could bring the series to a definitive ending.

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