$1 Million For a 30 Second Spot on the Final Oprah Winfrey Show

The final episode of Oprah is upon us and like most other big finales and television events, the cost of advertising during this occasion is likely to send some advertisers to the bank to get their products featured to a wide audience. Whilst The Oprah Winfrey Show is not going to get the kind of audience that watches the Superbowl or the Oscars there will still be a significantly larger than usual audience watching this last broadcast. This means that asking for inflated advertising prices is not unexpected though the amount of $1 million per 30 second spot seems a little staggering considering it is a day time program.

How does this compare to other finales with big audiences? Here are a few examples:

Friends (2004): $2 million

Seinfeld (1998): $1.42 million

Everybody Loves Raymond (2005): $1.22 million

Lost (2010): $900,000

24 (2010): $650,00

The Seinfeld finale was watched in 76.3 million households and the Friends finale was viewed in an equally impressive 52.5 million households, making the figures charged for an ad spots during these shows seem worth it. Unfortunately these kinds of numbers for a TV program that isn’t a sporting event or an awards show like the Oscars are more than unlikely in the TV landscape of today. With finales they tend to have more commercial breaks, the Lost finale last year showed a staggering 107 spots which ran for about 45 minutes of air time, showing that these TV events really mean big business (though the only ads I remember from that occasion are the Lost themed Target ones) even if the audience is not as big as it once was.

In the age of the DVR when people can just skip the commercials it could be considered an outlandish asking price for a day time ad spot, however if the ads are tailored to this event that might prevent people from skipping them and making it a wise investment.

Will you be watching on May 25th? What do you think of this $1 million price tag?

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