The 10 Best Leonard Snart Quotes

Leonard Snart, or Captain Cold if you prefer, has become a common name in the Arrowverse and has been around since before the show was even created. He’s a regular human that came upon a great invention that he’s used to the best extent possible, meaning that it’s helped him to become one of the better known criminals. He’s been at odds with the Flash for a while and has been part of a couple of groups in his time as a villain. But the one thing about Snart is that he’s not exactly a pleasant person. He had a rough upbringing with might explain part of it, but the rest seems to be that he’s just kind of a jerk that likes getting his way and knows that he’s smarter than average individual.

Here are just a few of the quotes that prove that he’s kind of an edgy guy.

10. You actually care about these losers? Because I guarantee they don’t care about you, Mick.

He’s not exactly a team player even if he does belong to a team on TV. Snart is the kind of guy that seems to like working alone unless he can make a team dynamic work for him in some way that makes sense.

9. Raymond, you don’t break into a candy store and steal one gumball.

He’s a practical villain at least. You don’t go into a life of crime just for fun or to get minimal joy out of it. If you’re going to become a criminal you go for the gusto and do your best to get it all, or it’s kind of pointless otherwise.

8. Any preference on the way you’d like to die? The flame or the frost?

At least he seems willing to give people the choice, at least until they can’t decide and he makes up their minds for them. Captain Cold isn’t known as a particularly merciful villain but he’s not the most ruthless that ever lived.

7. History screwed with me first.

Snart had kind of a hard childhood and that managed to shape his life into what it is now. He doesn’t like trusting people and he doesn’t like people a lot of the time since he’s kind of a loner that doesn’t want to start relying on anyone if he can avoid it.

6. Make the plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan.

The plan is almost never going to work the way it should and anyone that thinks it will is delusional largely because there will almost always be something or someone working against the plan. Plans only work when they’re carried out in a manner that has nothing to do with reality and can ignore the many different variables that might exist that could ruin the plan without that much effort.

5. Observe.

This can mean so much and have so many implications but with Snart it’s usually a sign of something bad to come. If he tells you to observe or to pay attention just assume that he’s going to do something incredibly impressive or incredibly messed up, or both. Snart isn’t the kind of guy to tell anyone to pay attention unless he’s got a lesson to teach or a point to make.

4. Always pleased to meet a fan.

Yes, he is just a little bit egotistic since he doesn’t really care about others all that much a lot of times, but he’s also a very sarcastic person as well as he tends to say things that aren’t meant to be taken seriously but are more along the lines of being as snarky as he can possibly be just for the heck of it.

3. I know you loved her to pieces.

This was said right after he froze someone in a way that rendered her as little more than an ice sculpture that shattered upon his mere touch. Now take into account how unlikely this is in reality and how cold something would really have to be to shatter in such a manner. There’s no denying the Captain Cold is one of the hardest villains out there, but even this seems a tad brutal when you look at it.

2. I must be out of practice.

Even villains seem to need a refresher course now and then since being human they too can lose a step. But for Captain Cold it seems more than likely that it would have to do with him being distracted rather than slipping because he’s out of practice or because he’s just not that good.

1. There are no strings on me.

No one likes being a pawn. Captain Cold is so used to being a loner that if he feels the necessity he’ll remind people that he’s got nothing holding him down and no one is allowed to exert any kind of hold over him.

He’s kind of a jerk really, but he’s still a very dangerous villain.

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