10 Notable Mistakes from the Movie “Halloween”

Back in 1978 it seems that a movie like Halloween could get away with a few goofs when it came to filming, but you know very well that a movie would be almost crucified for such a thing now and relegated to a B movie if it contained even half of the errors that are to be found in the original film. Fortunately back in the 70’s this film was still new enough and packed the kind of punch a horror movie really needed to be forgiven for the slip-ups. And there are a lot of them if you really take a look at the movie, though some of them are very trivial and don’t deserve a lot of mention since they can be explained fairly easily within the continuity of the movie.

Of course if you left this all up to the diehard movie buffs that notice when absolutely anything is just a hair off then you might get the impression that the film was little more than amateur hour. That would be a huge disservice to the movie and to those that made it possible however. While you definitely want to see a great movie with few if any real errors there’s also the realization that things are going to happen occasionally and there might be a screw-up every now and again that’s minor enough to pass muster but is somehow glaring to those that actively look for such things.

Sometimes it’s better to just watch the movie and be entertained. But here are a few of the mistakes that have been noticed since the film’s release.

10. Michael’s breathing and the movement of his shoulders and chest didn’t always match up.

Whether this is a dubbing mistake or something else is hard to tell since one thing is certain, with all the background noise it would be hard to hear Michael breathing at all. But when you’re allowed to hear his ominous breathing in this film there are moments when the inhalation and exhalation don’t match the movement of his chest and shoulders, making it seem as though his breathing is out of sync.

9. The location of the Wallace’s and Doyle’s are kind of screwed up in their description.

At one point the houses are described as being down the street from one another, but then it’s show that they’re right across the street from each other. In a country setting where ‘down the street’ and ‘across the street’ are close to being the same thing, this might work. Here it almost sounds as though the the writers are having a tough time discerning the two.

8. There’s a miraculous repair job done at one point in the movie.

During one moment when Michael is getting into the car to follow Tommy it can be noticed that the driver’s side window, smashed in after he murdered the nurse the night before, is somehow repaired. It would seem kind of odd to think that someone just fixed the window, and odder still if it was discovered that Michael did it somehow.

7. The director needs to learn how clocks work.

When Michael, as a child, is walking through his house it can be seen that clock on the stove and the clock on the wall are about 15 minutes apart, but then only second later the clock chimes ten times for 10 o’ clock. Either the kid was walking extremely slow between the scenes or that time was just flying by.

6. The miracle of rain.

At one point when the girls are walking home from school the street is seen to be very dry. Yet when Laurie is by herself the street looks wet, as though it just rained. Yet she’s completely dry. That’s amazing how such a thing can happen.

5. The timeline of the robbery is a bit off.

Laurie notices Michael watching her from a distance some time before she and her friend arrive at the scene of the robbery. What this means is that the robbery would have been noticed long before they arrived at the scene, though how it looks is that the robbery just happened.

4. One of the doors seems to change without anyone noticing.

The front door of the Doyle house is originally a French door, but in another scene it is completely solid. That’s one heck of a switch without anyone noticing.

3. The buttoning/unbuttoning blouse is a neat trick.

During Laurie’s final battle with Michael it would be easy to believe that her blouse buttons could be ripped off or come undone. But typically it would be a freak occurrence for them to button themselves again.

2. It’s amazing how a door can unlock itself.

When Annie is attempting to get into the car she yanks on the handle and finds it locked. But when she comes back after obtaining the keys it opens with just one try. You’d almost think that the car was just playing with her.

1. There were numerous shots that could have been ruined by the crew or equipment but were only noticed later on.

There were shots that included cigarette smoke, fans that could be seen simulating wind, and even a crew member’s arm jutting from a wall. In this day and age that would call for reshoots, but in this movie a lot was forgiven.

And yet it became one of the most iconic horror movies of all time.

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