10 Reasons “People of Earth” is an Underrated Comedy

TBS is known for their comedy, and one of their latest projects is People of Earth. This show is just two seasons in, and we’re already seeing something special about it. People of Earth is about a journalist who gets drawn into the world of alien abduction. The premise alone is hilarious, and it’s something that we’ve never really seen done before. The combination of the topic along with the script and acting makes for a show that’s completely hilarious. It might still be in the process of building momentum up, and we hope it gets the viewership that it really deserves eventually. Here are 10 reasons why People of Earth is one of the most underrated comedies in recent times.

1. StarCrossed “experiencers”

It’s an appropriate rebranding of the term “abductees,” especially considering the latter has a lot of negative connotation to it. The experiencers are such a unique group of people. The entire show is about them and their lives, and it’s truly something worth watching. The people in this group really comes from all walks of life, yet this one odd thing they have in common brings them all together.

2. The bumbling aliens

What’s an alien show without aliens? More often than not, shows build us up to see something unusual—such as aliens—but never do. People of Earth actually shows us the aliens that are such an important part of the story, and there’s quite a few of them of different varieties as well.

3. Wyatt Cenac

Who would ever thought that this writer from The Daily Show would be so hilarious and actually be able to carry on a show? Sure, he does have a great supporting cast, but the storyline is still centered on his character. He’s done very well for himself on this show so far playing the role of reporter Ozzie Graham.

4. Alien workplace

There’s no method to it. Randomly, we’ll get a scene showing the aliens in their workplace, and for some reason, they’re just fun to watch. Maybe it’s because of the way the aliens are portrayed, but that alone could warrant its own show.

5. All the oddness

This show is just never show of oddness. It’s actually the anchor that pulls it all together. The subject matter alone is odd; and when Cenac’s character goes into this small town, it was the epitome of small town weirdness that we all hear about. Even more odd is the fact that Cenac’s character fit right in.

6. The emotions

Just like many comedies out there and from the past, People of Earth actually offers a lot more emotion than it lets on. The stories we encounter are like humanist lenses that give a pretty accurate reflection on how life is like for many people. There’s no shortage of laughs on the show, but the feels are probably just as much.

7. Ana Gasteyer

This SNL alum and straight up funny gal happens to be the support group leader of the StarCrossed group. While all the characters on the show are worth watching, Gasteyer does an excellent job of bringing all the odd ones together. Her story is also one of the most interesting ones in the show.

8. Executive producers

The show actually has heavy hitters in the background in the likes of Conan O’Brien, David Jenkins, and others. It’s not that they’re reason to watch the show, but the fact that they’re there means that the shows are almost a guarantee to be good. And they are. In fact, season 3 has already been ordered, and we can’t wait.

9. Mental health

There aren’t many shows out there that deal with mental health issues the way this show does. It’s a comedy, so you’re not immediately thinking about mental health issues when it comes to this show. But People on Earth touches on the subject with such delicateness and subtlety that makes it so much more real and compelling.

10. Unique

If there were no other reason to watch the show apart from the fact that it’s just so unique, it’d be enough to get us all watching. There’s no other shows like it out there, and we’re not entirely sure if there had ever been any shows like it in the past.

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