10 Reasons We’re Looking forward to Seeing In the Garden of Beasts

When it comes to watching anything that has to do with historical fact every nation seems to have their heroes and their villains and those stuck in-between the two. In the case of In the Garden of Beasts a reluctant ambassador that is sent to Germany before WWII breaks out is that unfortunate individual that had to find a way to exist in a world that was becoming increasingly more dangerous by the day and was starting to bring forth a conflict that would involve the world in its entirety after a while. But one thing that we all should hopefully agree on is that sentiment about the second world war is something that is felt differently by just about every country since each and every conflict has their own heroes and villains when it comes to their own narrative. Finding out who is who isn’t always as easy as we want it to be at times.

Here are a few reasons why we should be excited about this movie.

10. The story is about a man that becomes ambassador to Germany pre-WWII.

If you remember anything about history then you’d know that just walking into Germany around this time would be like walking into a dark room with a lit candle and discovering that it was an armory with black powder aplenty lying about. It might seem safe enough, but just one spark is all it would need to unleash all kinds of mayhem.

9. It gives another view of the war before it began.

We all have the view that we’ve been given as students and later on have cultivated as adults. Whether we want to change our mind or not isn’t relevant, it’s being able to accept a different point of view that is presented to us by someone else.

8. Many people still wonder just what sparked off WWII to this day.

You can read the history books and take down a number of different points of view as to how the war started, but until someone from that era steps forward and announces what caused it without any uncertainty, you can bet that we’ll be given the same kind of story.

7. Movies about WWII do create a lot of interest in the theater.

War movies draw big crowds thanks to their story lines and the direction that they’re given throughout their length whether they’re completely honest or not. Facts can be changed now and again so long as the main part of the story is kept intact and is also kept interesting enough to warrant ignoring the omissions.

6. Some might argue that our government is headed in the same direction.

Be it conspiracy theorists or those that seem to think that America is at this time a very unsettled place that is ready for another conflict to arise, there will be those that want to make the connection between this movie and our own country.

5. There is a very big political lean to the story no matter if it’s being nurtured or not.

There’s no way to really keep this from being seen as a political piece no matter how it’s spun. At this point just about every movie we see is said to have some sort of political statement in it no matter if it’s by design or not.

4. Tom Hanks has been trying to produce this film.

Anything that has Tom Hanks attached to it in any way, whether it be in front of the camera or behind it, is something that usually seems to have a good shot of being given a very good chance at becoming something that might have some worth to it. It’s not exactly his call this time, but it could still be a good luck charm of sorts to have him attached to the movie.

3. There’s a much deeper story here than just the WWII angle.

That’s likely what many people will focus on since WWII was in reality a very big deal that helped to shape the world as we know it now. No matter that some would love to change or ignore history there is a very big elephant in the room whenever WWII is mentioned or even brought to light and the hope is that it doesn’t outshine the story.

2. Despite being separated by many decades it’s still an easy story to relate to.

It’s kind of amazing how different eras can in fact relate to one another as the overall feeling and emotions that are affected by this story are the same type that are being tweaked in the modern era concerning our country.

1. People love films concerning historical moments that changed the world.

It doesn’t matter how horrific it gets or how hard to watch, people will simply devour every bit of film they can when it comes to something that had a profound effect on the world they know.

It might be an interesting movie.

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