10 Reasons Why Hulu Plus is Worth the Cost

Hulu comes with not one but two options. One would be Hulu, which comes free of charge. The other would be Hulu Plus, which is a paid service. Unsurprisingly, the paid service comes with a better package of features, meaning that interested individuals might want to take a look at it to see whether it is well-suited for them or not. Here are 10 reasons that Hulu Plus is worth the cost:

1. Access to Latest Content

Of course, Hulu Plus subscribers still have access to the latest content, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t be concerned about not being able to follow their favorite shows.  And don’t forget there’s access to Hulu Live TV which brings the content library to even further levels.

2. Access to Back Catalog

However, where Hulu Plus stands out is that interested individuals can also use it to go over the back catalogs of various shows. After all, its free counterpart offers no more than five episodes back, meaning that once the chance has passed, it has passed.

3. Access to Current Shows

Naturally, this means that interested individuals can enjoy access to a wide range of shows that are currently being broadcast by various media distributors.

4. Access to Old Shows

However, Hulu Plus is also excellent because it provides interested individuals with access to a wide range of older shows as well. Due to this, people who remember various classics such as The X-Files and The Twilight Zone might find that Hulu Plus is the perfect choice for their particular TV-viewing experiences.

5. Original Content

Unsurprisingly, Hulu has been looking into original content as well. After all, streaming services have been searching for various ways to distinguish themselves, which has become particularly important because more and more media companies are getting involved in streaming as well. So far, Hulu hasn’t hit the same heights as, say, Netflix in this regard, which has been taking on huge amounts of debt for the purpose of funding this particular part of its operations. However, that doesn’t mean that Hulu’s original content isn’t worth watching by people who are interested in it.

6. Available on a Wide Range of Devices

One of the biggest upsides to Hulu Plus is the fact that is available on a wide range of devices. For example, it is perfectly possible to make use of the service on both Android and iOS. This is a huge contrast to standard Hulu, which must be used through a web browser. Something that puts some serious limitations on its usefulness.

7. Compatible with Smart TVs, Blu-ray Players, and More

Speaking of which, Hulu Plus is even compatible with a wide range of smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and other consumer electronics, thus enabling interested individuals to make use of its features with those electronics for an even better experience than otherwise possible.

8. High-Definition

Standard Hulu offers content that is in, well, standard definition. Meanwhile, Hulu Plus comes in high-definition, which should come as welcome news for people who have become accustomed to a high-definition view of their favorite content.

9. Ease of Use

The user interface for Hulu Plus has been optimized for maximum ease of use for interested individuals. For example, its content is divided up into neat, sensibly-labelled categories to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Likewise, it features stories, features, and other tidbits that should to stir up a sense of curiosity in those who see them. On the whole, Hulu Plus is a very convenient platform for most users, which is a huge selling point when the sheer amount of content contained on it can prove overwhelming for interested individuals.

10. Low Cost

Subscribing to Hulu Plus costs no more than $7.99 per month, which is a pretty low price for what interested individuals can expect to get out of it. With that said, it is important to note that paying the subscription fee won’t actually remove ads altogether from the Hulu-watching experience. Supposedly, this is because the ads even on the paid service helps to keep the subscription costs low, but it is nonetheless something that interested individuals should take into consideration when deciding whether it is worth it or not.

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