10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Doc Hollywood”

Doc Hollywood is the story of a young and promising doctor that’s bound for Beverly Hills where he plans to make a good living, perhaps a superior living, as a plastic surgeon. The only trouble is that along the way he manages to get into a little accident that demolishes a fence, wrecks his car, and places him square in the middle of Grady, South Carolina, a bumpkin town that he has no intention of staying in until he meets the one woman that won’t fall for his spit and polished look or his big city ways. Eventually the doctor realizes he’s found a home that he was never looking for and someone that can make him feel complete.

It’s one of Michael J. Fox’s best movies I think.

10. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease shortly before this film was made.

He started noticing a mild twitch in his left pinky finger. The disease didn’t start getting worse until later but it was diagnosed in 1990.

9. The movie was filmed in Florida.

Micanopy, Florida is a small town just south of Gainesville and was inhabited by less than a thousand people at the time.

8. Woody Harrelson make a reference to a former costar.

Harrelson made reference to Ted Danson in response to a question asked by one of the other stars. Ted Danson was of course his costar in Cheers.

7. The screenwriter worked at a hospital in Grady, Alabama.

It makes sense that a screenwriter, or any writer for that matter, would include something from their own past that could help move the movie forward.

6. The city that Fox drives through in the opening credits is Richmond, VA.

It’s nice to know just where the location of the movie is and what scenery you’re looking at as the movie opens.

5. There’s another movie reference between Harrelson and Fox.

When talking about life insurance Harrelson asks Fox if he has any or if he’s too chicken. This is a hidden reference to the Marty McFly character in Back to the Future.

4. The director has a cameo.

He plays the maitre’d of the restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s not a big part but a lot of directors like to put themselves in their movies.

3. Fox’s car in the film is a 1956 356 Speedster.

It’s a great looking car. I wonder if that’s why it seems so genuine when it gets wrecked and he seems so crushed. A lot of guys might be the same way.

2. Harrelson is a vegan in real life.

There’s a scene in which one actor states that he doesn’t trust a man that doesn’t eat meat. Harrelson is a vegan off screen.

1. The stars of the previews that preceded this movie were actors that Fox starred with in Mars Attacks!. 

Danny DeVito and Christina Applegate starred in Other People’s Money and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead respectively. Michael J. Fox would go on to star with them in Mars Attacks! in 1996.

It wasn’t supernatural or science fiction and yet it was one of his best movies I believe.

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