10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Missing in Action”

Missing in Action was one of Chuck Norris’ absolute best films and was simple and to the point. After being held as a POW for seven years Braddock managed to escape, returning home where he lived peacefully for the next decade. When another group of soldiers is reported missing however he’s contacted by a government investigation group that travels to Ho Chi Minh City in an attempt to find out about the missing soldiers. Locating an old buddy that became a black market kingpin Braddock and his buddy launch an attack upon those holding the soldiers and end up going head to head with a corrupt general.

This was one of the films that made sure that Chuck Norris was not about to be forgotten.

10. This film was supposed to be a sequel.

When the producers and those that were heavily invested in the movie saw it they decided that it would be the first movie and that the one before it would be the prequel.

9. Chuck Norris made this film in honor of his brother.

He made this film to honor his brother Weiland Norris who was killed in Vietnam in 1970. This film must have brought back some memories.

8. The role of Tuck was offered to someone else but they turned it down.

William Sanderson was offered the role but he declined. It’s not known if he had another project going or just didn’t want to do it.

7. This was the first of a five-film contract for Norris.

He made a million dollars per film over the duration of his contract. That seems like very little at this point but back then that was a great deal.

6. The Vietnamese soldiers are seen using a Chinese-style assault rifle.

During that time it’s been stated that technology was swapped and easily exchanged between the two countries.

5. Norris’ other brother was the stunt coordinator for this film and the one before it. 

Aaron Norris went uncredited for one of the movies he did the stunt coordination for and went on to direct the next movie.

4. This film had more action in it than the previous one.

That’s a big part of why it was seen as the first movie and the one before it became the prequel. The producers wanted to back the winning movie.

3. Ernie Ortega starred in a movie that parodied this film.

Ortega starred in a film called No Blood No Surrender, which parodied the prequel. It came out one year after the prequel and two years after this film.

2. The cabs in the movie are ’68 Toyota Crown sedans.

Some folks want to know just what kind of cars they’re using in movies so this was a pertinent fact.

1. The showing of a Spider-man cartoon in the movie was royalty-free.

The studio responsible for this movie had acquired the rights to make a Spider-man movie so they were allowed to show his likeness without paying. Unfortunately the movie was scrapped before it could become anything.

Chuck Norris. Awesome. ‘Nuff said.

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