10 Things You Didn’t Know about “No Escape”

No Escape was kind of a dud when it came to the box office but really it was a lot more entertaining than one might think despite being kind of a low-budget film. The story is a good one since John Robbins, played by Ray Liotta, is an ex-soldier dumped onto the prison colony known as Absolom where he is confronted by the vicious gang known as the Outsiders and offered a position in their ranks. When he refuses and is later on found by the peaceful group known as the Insiders events begin to happen very quickly. Marek, the leader of the Outsiders, threatens war as Robbins and the Insiders are attempting to make their way off the island. When they’re betrayed however by one of their own Robbins sees a way to finally get off the island and expose it to the world.

It’s a pretty decent movie really.

10. Liotta was really pumped to do this movie.

He was psyched to do a movie in which he was the heroic character. Most of his films he’s either a gangster or a straight up bad guy.

9. There isn’t one female character in this movie.

That was kind of the point really. It was an all-male prison and as a result it was an all-male penal colony where women were nowhere to be found.

8. There were 400 extras that played the Outsiders.

That’s a lot of people to think about. One has to wonder if they were paid at all or were simply asked to do it for free.

7. Liotta only smiles 4 times throughout the entire film.

He plays a rather dour character with a very tragic back story so it’s hard to imagine him smiling all that much. A couple of times it’s not a necessarily friendly smile.

6. The film takes place in 2022.

Considering how close we’re coming to that particular year you can only hope and pray that such things as this never happen.

5. This movie has similarities to Escape from New York.

Much like Snake Plissken the protagonist, Robbins, was dumped into a place that no rules, no discernible order, and was run by a madman.

4. Liotta’s character suffers from PTSD.

During his time as a Marine Robbins was ordered to kill innocent women and children. I think that would give anyone nightmares.

3. There was a bit of foreshadowing to Marek’s death.

When he was dumped into the pool before Robbins made his escape it kind of showed just how he was going to die.

2. There are hints about King being the spy that reports to the Warden.

King asks Robbins if he believes in God while touching his amulet, to which Robbins replies that there’s something up there, but it isn’t God. What was up there was the warden’s satellite that was watching them all, so this was a vague hint.

1. The rats crawling over Liotta were lab rats. 

Despite still being a little creepy they were pretty docile and he wasn’t in any real danger.

The movie is at least worth a look.

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