10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Office Space”

Office Space is for the worker that has ever had to slave away in a cubicle, or just any other job where you feel disrespected, unappreciated, and seen as just another asset. It’s also one of the funniest comedies to ever be made. Peter, Michael, and Samir are fed up with taking the kind of garbage that their eight, yes count them eight, bosses dish out to them on a constant basis and come up with a brilliant plan to steal enough money from the company so that they’ll never have to work for them again. The only problem is that office workers don’t always make such good criminals.

It also doesn’t help if you’re not as hardcore as you think you are.

10. The red stapler was made just for the movie.

Eventually so many people requested this same kind of stapler that the company started making them again.

9. The P.C. load letter scene was not scripted.

There was supposed to be more of a conversation between Michael and Peter but the copier jammed so the scene was kind of messed up. The director decided it worked though so he kept it in.

8. Milton was based on an old co-worker of the director’s. 

He stated that his co-worker was threatening to quit since his desk had been moved so many times. Milton had to move multiple times and finally ended up down in the basement.

7. Peter never strikes the copier during the destructive scene.

He keeps his distance and hands the bat off to Samir, who then hands it off to Michael. He only ever watches and then helps pull Michael off when he goes nuts on the copier.

6. Michael Bolton, the real one, parodied a scene out of this movie.

He was digitally inserted into the movie and changes just a single line from the original. It’s still pretty funny.

5. The movie was far more successful on home video than in the theaters.

It made a huge profit once it went to home video but didn’t do much in the theaters, which was kind of odd but very agreeable.

4. It took Richard Riehle two hours to put the body cast on and take it off.

They didn’t have an EMT on set that could have assisted with this so they had to carefully get Richard into the body cast and then out, which took a good deal of time.

3. Jennifer Aniston’s character is named Joanna, which is her middle name.

You don’t always see people using their real names in films but when you figure out that they are it’s kind of interesting.

2. Five different people tell Peter about his missing TPS reports.

Two of them are his bosses, one is over the phone, and then Samir and Michael get on him about the reports. It would be enough to make a person feel a bit hen-pecked.

1. Mike Judge has a cameo in the movie.

He shows up as Joanna’s boss, which is funny since eventually he gets told off and even flipped off when she quits.

It’s a classic movie. If you haven’t seen it then now’s the time.

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