10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Revenge of the Nerds”

It’s one of the best movies ever made, hands down, and one of the absolute funniest since it definitely overplays the plight of the classroom nerd in a way that is absolutely hilarious. Sure we’ve all seen the kids in the class that are labeled nerds, geeks, freaks, and a whole host of other names, but did we ever get to know them? This film shows that nerds are in fact of the most fascinating and, unfortunately, most disgusting individuals in the world (cough cough, Booger, cough). The movie also produced a few sequels but in truth only the first and second were worth the effort since they allowed the movie to gain a cult following that’s been unlike any other movie ever created.

But of course there are always a few facts that even the most diehard fans didn’t know.

10. There were a lot of ad-libbed lines.

In a film like this where there wasn’t much of a plot it was easy to assume that a lot of the lines were going to be added in by the actors.

9.  It took Robert Carradine two weeks to get into character.

He made his way to Arizona and had to actually get himself into the idea of being the character of Lewis.

8. Lambda Lambda Lambda actually became a real fraternity.

The fraternity was actually created in 2006 at the University of Connecticut.

7. Poindexter’s glasses were so thick that the actor couldn’t see and had to be led around.

So a lot of those scenes where it really doesn’t look like he knows where he’s going or what he’s doing he’s not really acting.

6. The Alpha Beta party took place at a funeral home.

It might seem a little creepy that they would be holding a frat party at a funeral home but it was what was available.

5. Despite the negative stereotypes the actors had a great time filming the movie.

They went so far as to party with the students of the university they were using to film, and even used a lot of the students as extras.

4. Carradine mimicked the laugh that James Cromwell came up with.

He honestly didn’t know what the director wanted in terms of his laugh so he had to improvise by following Cromwell’s lead. It worked to great effect obviously.

3. Booger almost didn’t want to play his role.

He wanted to read for the role of Gilbert and went on to tell his fellow actors that if he got the part of Booger he would walk since he didn’t want to pick his nose in front of people. That obviously wasn’t an issue for long.

2. Stan Gable was a nerd at heart.

There’s a deleted scene in which he goes back to his dorm room and picks up a pair of glasses and a book and starts reading, only to be interrupted by one of his fraternity brothers. He then has to hide the book and the glasses so he can be the jock again.

1. Ogre had to shave his beard to get his role. 

Have you ever seen this guy with a beard? He looks absolutely grizzly and way too old to be in college, even back then.

One of the best movies ever made, no two ways around it.

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