10 Things We Learned from the Stranger Things 3 Trailer

Before you get too excited we still have to wait a while for the next season of Stranger Things, but so far season 3 looks like it’s going to be nothing short of awesome since it’s bringing back everyone, well, at least almost everyone from the last season. No, sad to say, Bob is still gone since there’s no amount of movie magic that can bring him back. But the main characters will be returning and while you might think this is a reason to rejoice it does seem as though there’s going to be something happening in Hawkins that we’re not entirely ready for and will kind of eclipse what we’ve already seen. As you might guess the creatures in the Upside Down are well aware of the fact that something, or someone, is keeping them out, and as a result most of us should know that this can only breed more conflict.

Here are a few things we can divine from the trailer so far.

10. The core group has started to break up.

Just by the way the trailer starts it’s kind of apparent that the main group isn’t sticking together at all times since Dustin is seen alone to begin with, home from camp and on his own. But while his friends do show up to surprise him there’s still the feeling that they’re not quite as tight as they used to be and perhaps are growing apart just a bit as time goes on.

9. There are bound to be a couple of new characters.

New characters add a bit more to the story after all and tend to push things along a little so as to keep it interesting. Obviously not all of them are going to be as beneficial to the main characters as it looks as though one of them, the man with the gun, is out to find and eliminate someone. But a few new characters might be fun to add into the mix.

8. The Upside Down has found another way into Hawkins.

The first two seasons it used the breach that had been created at Hawkins Laboratory, but since Eleven closed that and sealed it up the Upside Down has had to find other means it would seem. What it looks like however is that the Upside Down is utilizing another method of coming through, one that no one could possibly see coming.

7. Things might be getting personal between Eleven and the Upside Down.

This sounds kind of odd to say, but the Upside Down has been thwarted twice now by Eleven, so it’s fair game to state that whatever is coming through might have a personal stake in seeing her eliminated. That, or she’s simply seen as the biggest threat.

6.Steve has taken on a much different look and attitude.

Steve is definitely not the big man on campus any longer since he’s taken on a kind of new persona after befriending Dustin. He’s a little more geeky but is still more or less the same person with a different outlook on life it would seem.

5. Hopper and Joy are a bit conflicted about their relationship.

At the end of the second season it almost felt as though Hopper and Joy might finally have a chance to get together, but the trailer would make it appear that things aren’t quite that way. After all Joy could still be mourning Bob and Hopper, well, Hopper could be getting kind of impatient while at the same time trying to make certain that she knows he’s there for her.

4. We’ll get to see more of Hawkins.

If you think about it we haven’t been able to see much of Hawkins save for the small bits and pieces and the countryside where a lot of the action has taken place. But if we’re seeing more of Hawkins then it argues the point that the Upside Down might finally be moving inward where it can do the most damage. That’s kind of a scary thought.

3. Eleven’s powers are stronger, but they’re still taking a heavy toll.

She’s getting stronger and more capable but she’s still having nosebleeds and it’s still safe to say that whatever the doctor told her in the last season is true. There’s a lot about Eleven’s powers that we still don’t know yet, and each time she uses them could be doing serious harm to her body.

2. Will is having trouble moving on.

Just from the short snippet he has in the trailer it looks like Will is pining for the good old days already, when he and his friends were still playing D&D in the basement and everything was so simple. It does seem to indicate that the trauma of what he’s been through isn’t over yet.

1. It’s taking place during another notable holiday.

Taking place on the 4th of July is going to make certain that this season is going to be something monumental since not only is this when the next season starts, but it seems geared to be the biggest one of all.

Mark your calendars, hell is coming back to Hawkins.

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