10 Things You Didn’t Know about Big City Greens

Disney cartoons have certainly changed over the years and Big City Greens is one of those that has proven that kids are willing to watch just about anything so long as it has a certain level of humor in it. In all honesty this seems more like one of the cartoons that those of born back in the 70s to 90s might have identified with since the theme and content is more along our style. That could be why some parents are attempting to shield their kids from this cartoon and others like it however, as they believe the elements it depicts are not altogether friendly. While it might seem a bit crazy and over the top though Big City Greens is still a fun and family-oriented cartoon if you stop and watch more than a few minutes. Sure it gets crazy, but then again so do a lot of families. At least the cartoon is entertaining while being so out of control.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Big City Greens.

10. The original title was Country Club.

This title makes it sound as though it might have been a more upscale and posh series than anything country. The name switched for other reasons but it’s probably a good thing that it did since otherwise it could have been kind of awkward considering that there’s nothing posh about the Greens.

9. The family dog was named after the actual family dog of the creators.

Phoenix is a character you don’t see often in this cartoon but is prevalent enough to gain some kind of footing in the Greens’ lives. If anything there are a lot of other animals and characters that come and go within the cartoon that are a little more prominent.

8. Chris Houghton also worked on Gravity Falls.

The animation is eerily similar but just different enough to really differentiate one cartoon from the other, but the story lines, although very different, are still a bit of crazy wrapped up in a different shell and packaged for the consumer.

7. It was approved for a second season in May of 2018.

So far people are liking the show and kids seem to respond to it since it gives them something that’s not educational and is just allowed to be fun for the sake of being fun. We had cartoons like that in our day too called Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry, remember?

6. The series premiered in June of 2018.

So it was approved for a second season before it was even pushed out to the consumers, that’s impressive. Someone was doing their job and managed to create a hit according to those that make such decisions. It’s an awkward show to be certain, but it’s still kind of funny, and obviously a big enough hit that someone in charge decided to keep it moving along.

5. It’s not quite like many of its fellow Disney cartoons.

If you look at the majority of Disney cartoons that air during the week you’ll see that many of them are steeped in various lessons that deal with education, morality, and ethical quandaries that are meant to teach children in various ways. Big City Greens has none of that. There might be the occasional moment when Cricket and Tilly learn a thing or two about being decent people, but aside from that there’s nothing more than measured chaos.

4. The series focuses mainly on Cricket.

Cricket is the loose cannon of the Greens. He takes ideas that might make sense to others and veers off in a direction that’s nothing short of either amazing or horrifying depending on what he’s thinking and how he plans on bringing his plans to fruition.

3. The show is featured primarily on Saturdays.

It’s pretty obvious that Disney has a full schedule during the week when it comes to its various shows, but Big City Greens is very prominent on Saturdays where it rules the roost with other shows like Ducktales and a few others. Whether they’re attempting to keep the fun and non-educational shows apart from those that are meant to teach and cultivate a sense of learning is unclear, but it’s obvious that Saturdays are meant for fun.

2. There’s not a lot of explanation for Bill’s stub finger.

There’s been an episode or two where he might have detailed how he lost it, but otherwise the idea of his stub is kind of lost in the mix most times since there’s usually something else going on during the show that makes it seem less important.

1. The mother, Nancy, didn’t make an appearance until later in the show.

Apparently she was in jail for a time and finally showed up to see her family. Bill, Cricket, and Tilly are all happy to see her, but Granny is less than pleased it would seem.

It’s a crazy show, but kids seem to like it.

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