10 Things You Didn’t Know about Big Hero 6: The Series


Big Hero 6: The Series is an animated show that is broadcast on the Disney Channel. This makes perfect sense, seeing as how the show is a follow-up to the Disney movie that met with such an enthusiastic response from both the critics and the consumers in 2014. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Big Hero 6: The Series:

1. It Is a Continuation

Big Hero 6: The Series is a continuation of the movie. There have been some changes made for one reason or another, but otherwise, the show starts up after the movie has come to a close.

2. Kind of a Marvel Show

It is amusing to note that Big Hero 6: The Series is kind of a Marvel show. Essentially, the movie was a very loose adaptation of a Marvel comic book series of the same name. Suffice to say that while there are still some similarities between the two, the differences between them are much more obvious.

3. Has Had Some Retcons

In Big Hero 6: The Series, there are some details from the movie that have been retconned. For example, the identities of the superhero team have remained a secret from the public. Likewise, it seems that Hiro wasn’t the one who came up with the superhero team name in the new continuity. Instead, the new namer seems to be Fred, who is said to have come up with an entire list of possibilities before settling on his final choice.

4. Most of the Cast Has Remained the Same

For the most part, the cast members have remained the same in spite of the transition from the movie screen to the TV screen. For example, Hiro Hamada is still being played by Ryan Potter, while Baymax is still being played by Scott Adsit. Likewise, Go Go Tamago and Honey Lemon are still being played by Jamie Chung and Genesis Rodriguez respectively.

5. Wasabi Now Played By Khary Payton

Wasabi is one of the characters that have seen a change in their voice actor. Previously, the role was played by Damon Wayans Jr. Now, the character is voiced by Khary Payton.

6. Fred Now Played By Brooks Wheelan

Speaking of which, Fred is another character that now has a new voice actor. In his case, he started out with T.J. Miller, but now, said individual has been replaced by Brooks Whelan.

7. Developed By Kim Possible Creators

It is interesting to note that Big Hero 6: The Series was pitched by a partnership named Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley. Some people might be familiar with those names because they are the creators of Kim Possible, which remains relatively well-known in modern times in spite of the fact that it has been complete for years and years.

8. Has Been Renewed for the Second Season

There are bound to be some who were wondering whether Big Hero 6: The Series would be renewed for a second season or not. However it turned out that the show was renewed for a second season before the first season had even started up.

9. There Are Shorts

Besides episodes of the show, there are animated shorts that focus on the same cast of characters in the same setting but from very different perspectives. Currently, there are shorts called Big Chibi 6 The Shorts being broadcast on a regular basis, which are stand-outs in that they are focused on chibified versions of the characters getting caught up in one comedic situation or another.

10. Premiered with a Special

It is interesting to note that Big Hero 6: The Series started up with a special that measured 43 minutes in length. Called “Baymax Returns,” the premiere saw the formation of Big Hero 6 from the members of the main cast, which was accompanied by the defeat of Yama in a storyline that wrapped up within the episode. In total, “Baymax Returns” saw something like 1.5 million viewers, though subsequent episodes in the show haven’t managed to secure the same kind of success. For instance, Episode 2 had 0.65 million viewers, while Episode 3 had 0.67 million viewers.

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