10 Things You Didn’t Know about Daniel Ezra

Keeping up with all these new names as they emerge onto the scene is something that takes more than one person obviously, but thankfully through a concentrated effort of one article after another and many different perspectives someone like Daniel Ezra will become a known star throughout the world. So far he’s been on a fast track to making something of himself and it would seem that he’s hit the right show to display what he can do and how bright his future might be. One thing to say is that he’s impressed a lot of people so far with this one role and if he can keep doing it then his place in show business is assured and no one will ever call him a one-hit wonder. Of course he has to keep moving forward and prove that he can still deliver one role after another, but it’s a big hope that what he’s doing now will show others that taking a chance on him and giving him the roles he needs will be a wise move in the future to come.

Here are a few things about Daniel you might not have known.

10. He’s a British actor, as some folks might not know.

It’s interesting how well some people can mask their accents and make it seem as though they come from another country, but then Daniel does have a slight advantage since he did move to the US at one point and had some time to absorb some of the culture and possibly some of the accents as well.

9. Daniel likes to keep a lid on his relationships and private life.

There’s only been a little that’s been revealed about his love life but he does enjoy keeping things quiet and on the down low as much as possible. You can’t blame the guy, too many celebrities end up having everyone in their business at one point.

8. His role in All American is at this point being treated as a cornerstone of his career.

It’s not too surprising since he’s taking on the role of an actual person whose life he’s imitating and because it’s an interest story that captivates the attention of a lot of people. Right now it’s the biggest thing he’s done and is driving his career.

7. So far social media seems to be responding to him but hasn’t blown up.

He’s not exactly ‘fresh out of the box’ new but he is new enough to show business that social media doesn’t seem to have become a big thing in his life at this point. For some actors it doesn’t happen, in fact some actors flat out shun social media, but his following might get a lot bigger soon enough.

6. Not a lot has been reported about his background at this time.

One thing that is know is that his father is a fitness instructor. There’s not much else on his back story than that at the moment unless you go digging long and hard to determine just what you can find. In truth you might only find what most of us have already discovered, that he’s an up and coming talent that has been given a great opportunity.

5. He’s been in a few movies so far, but nothing too major.

Like I said he’s not so new that he hasn’t been tested, but the real test comes when an actor finds something that defines their career. Then it becomes a matter of whether they can keep things moving forward and upward as much as possible.

4. Daniel wasn’t really interested in acting until he turned 18.

Some folks get into acting quite by accident while others are geared and ready to go when they’re very young. In Daniel’s case he’s the kind of guy that had his sights set on a few other things instead of acting, but by the age of 18 it seems that it had become a serious consideration.

3. In his younger years he had a lot of interest in basketball and soccer.

His inclusion into a show about a popular sports figure is kind of fitting really since he’s been into sports throughout a good part of his life. While basketball and soccer were his initial interests transitioning to a role about a football player isn’t a huge leap.

2. There’s not a whole lot about him on the internet at this time.

Really when you go looking you might find a lot of generic information that doesn’t go into his character or anything that made him who he is just yet. The thing about this though is that if you give it time there might be plenty to come eventually.

1. He was born in England but now lives in the US.

Honestly this has probably given him a good deal of time to acclimate to the US, the culture, and whatever else he needed to bring to the roles he’s performed.

He’s one to watch without a doubt as he might be great one day.

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