10 Things you didn’t know About Dating No Filter

Dating: No Filter is a reality television show that comprises of men and women willing to go on a blind date. The result is purely based on the individuals involved. While the focus was on men and women from Los Angeles, CA, they were not limiting on ethnicity. In reference to age, everyone within the age bracket of 21 and 55 could participate. Creating a buzz in the entertainment industry, the following are 10 things you did not know about Dating No Filter.

10. The members are fully sponsored

Everyone who is accepted into the show does not have to worry about spending their own cash. The show is fully sponsored. The expectations are that it should have been a fun all-expense paid blind date. All members have to do is relax and get to know potential lovers.

9. It is not for only for straight people

Dating no filter is diverse and it accepts the different types of sexuality. It is not just about straight people. They also incorporate gay people looking to find love. Many other dating reality television shows tend to stick to one aspect of sexuality.

8. Comedians co-host the show

Throughout all the episodes, you will be exposed to a lot of humor. This is because there is a set of three pairs of some outspoken comedians following the singles, especially on their first dates. They will dish out the highlights of the dates. This adds to the reason why this reality show has captured the attention of many. Some popular comedian names include Ben Bizuneh, Zach Noe Towers, Nina Parker, and Rocky Dale Davis.

7. You do not get to choose your date

The whole idea is to try and match the players according to the information they provided earlier. They do not get to choose who they go out on dates with and neither do they get to know who has been picked for them prior to the date. Every aspect rotates around a blind date.

6. No filter

Just as the name of the reality show suggests, the show does not have any filters. Just as they share the good moments, so will they share the ugly moments. Dating is not easy and while letting out the bad sides will not be any easier, this show will place it out raw. The show is not meant to make believe aspects about dating but about making it as real as it can.

5. Unfolding drama

People expect that love and romance will be the main theme on blind dates and on shows like this. However, Dating No Filter comes with a twist that many did not expect. Some paired couples did not even spark on their first date but rather caused drama right from the very start.

4. No follow-ups were made after the show

While many fans wanted to know what happened to the couples after the show, there was no strict follow up on the event. They however gathered information about the dates prior to completion of the show.

3. Comedy game show

The focus on this show was on dating for many fans but the reality is that it was meant to create a balance between the dating arena and the comedy aspect. This is the only reason that the hosts of the show had a background in comedy.

2. Diversity

When looking at the different personal portfolio, you will be amazed at what they have to offer especially when looking at the different professionals. Ranging from a puppeteer, DJs, fitness instructors, singers, actors, entertainers, and even underwear salesman just to mention n but a few, there is a lot going on.

1. Lime Pictures (Production Company)

This reality television show, Dating No Filter is produced by Lime Pictures a name that despite its popularity shocked many for the production.


Not in any specific order of importance, the above are the 10 things you did not know about Dating No Filter. This blind date reality show adds a touch of comedy that gives you a reason to keep watching every episode. There is no way of telling where the storyline will take you so all you can do is build the suspense.

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