10 Things You Didn’t Know About Days of Our Lives’ Billy Flynn

Billy Flynn is the man who plays Chad DiMera on Days of Our Lives, so many fans are perfectly well aware of who he is and what he does for a living. We’ve spent years watching him get his life in order and making sure he’s been able to get what he wants, and he’s spent the same amount of time helping us figure out what we need to know about his family. He’s a lovable character, even when he is doing things we know he need not be doing. He is someone we love to watch on screen, and he’s someone we want to see more of – but he’s also someone we want to know more about on a personal level rather than just his acting level.

1. He’s From Minnesota

Flynn was born on May 29, 1985, which makes him 33. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spent his entire life there. He grew up with his family in the area, went to school there, and spent his life there. He even stayed on for college.

2. He’s Got an Impressive Degree

When he was ready to go to college, he went close to home. He decided to go to St. Cloud State University in Minnesota and spend his time focusing on his education. He graduated with a degree in Finance in 2007. His minor was in Economics.

3. He Started Working in the Industry in An Interesting Manner

He began working in the film industry not by acting or doing guest starring roles or anything like that. He actually went to work for Warner Bros. Studios as an analyst. He spent four years working there in that role, and he did not work as an actor in that timeframe. He was there in 2010, and he spent the next four years working in this role.

4. He’s Married

He met his wife, Gina Comparetto at some point in his adult life – we don’t know when, but he asked her to marry him on his own 30th birthday in 2015. She said yes, and they got married a year later in 2016. They’ve been married almost two years now.

5. His First Job Was A Commercial

When he did get into the acting business, his first job was not a big one. He did not go to work as a guest star or a major star. He actually took a job on a commercial, and it was for everyone’s favorite taco joint. He went to work for Taco Bell, and he loved it. He was good, and it worked for him.

6. He Started As A Guest Star

When his Taco Bell job was over, he decided to continue to look for work in this field, and he found a job working for someone else. This time, as a guest star on a hit show called Hawaii Five-0. He did well in his guest spot, but that wasn’t enough for him. He’d, at this point, been hit by the acting dream, and he wanted to go further into the roles he thought he might play. That’s when he decided to go for the role of DiMera when the role was recast.

7. He’s Been Chad for Four Years

It was 2014 when he was given the role of Chad when the actor who played him left the show and they needed someone to come in and take the role. He took it, he’s done well, and he’s been there for four years now. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon, either.

8. He Likes His CoWorkers

He’s someone who gets along well with the people he works with, and they have a good time at work. That’s important, and that’s something that we think the Days people like to see in their actors. They work hard to get their cast to like one another.

9. He Keeps Going Between Show Wives

He’s been with one wife, she left to give him a new wife, and now he’s going to be with his old wife again. It’s not a new wife on television, but it’s been three different faces in four years. Well, two different faces, but one actress two times.

10. He’s Not Like His Character

Chad is not always a man who knows what he wants, but that’s not like Flynn in real life. He’s a bit more level-headed and more mature, and that’s what makes him different than his character.

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