10 Things You Didn’t Know About Days of Our Lives Olivia Rose Keegan

Days of Our Lives fans know all about Claire and her young woman angst and upsetting nature. She’s someone who comes around for the sole purpose of trying to figure out what she needs to do in life and who she needs to do it to. She’s never in a good mood with her family, she’s always looking for a way to see if she can make her life more miserable than it needs to be, and she’s always unhappy with something or someone. She’s a hot mess, and she’s going to keep being that person if we all allow her to continue this past. But we think that Olivia Rose Keegan might be a little different than her character, so we thought we’d get to know a little more about her.

1. She’s Very Young

Some people know she’s young based on the character she plays with all her immaturity and her lack of ability to behave like an adult most of the time, but many people have no idea just how young she really is. She’s a young woman who was born in 1999. That’s just a year before the new millennium, and that’s more than a decade after most of her coworkers on Days. She’s very young.

2. She’s A California Girl

Despite her age, she’s a California girl through and through. She was born and raised in San Francisco with her family. They lived there most of her childhood, and she’s familiar with the streets, with the hills, and with the foggy climate. She was there for almost 12 years.

3. She Moved to LA When She was Only 12

When she was 12, her family moved her to LA. She knew at this point she wanted to be an actress, and that’s where she was going with her life. She was not about to sit around and wait for her life to take a turn of its own. She was ready to take it on herself, and she did.

4. She Had Jobs Immediately

Within a month of moving to LA, she’d already landed two movie roles. This doesn’t surprise us at all considering how talented she is. And she was a young woman who wanted to do this, and that’s not something you see all the time.

5. She’s A Singer

Not only is she an actress, she’s released many songs. She is a singer who loves that job, too. If you want to hear her music, you can go to any of her social media channels and she will show you exactly where to go to listen to her.

6. She’s Guest Starred on Cool Shows

She’s had some seriously cool jobs in her short career, and some of her best jobs have been guest starring roles on shows like Modern Family. That’s our favorite, so we are on board with it. She’s also been on shows like Sam & Cat with Ariana Grande, and she was on the Thundermans (our kids love that show).

7. She’s Done Commercial Work

She’s also been in a commercial for T.J. Maxx, which is a huge win. She’s a great young actress, but who doesn’t love T.J. Maxx? That’s her super cool claim to fame in our opinions.

8. Some Call Her Liv

If you check out her social media channels, you’ll find many of the people she’s close to do not call her Olivia. They call her Liv. She even uses the nickname on her own Instagram account. It might be what she prefers.

9. She Loves Her Friends

Another thing you’ll learn about her if you check out her social media channels is that she loves to spend time with her friends. She might a young working woman, but she finds the time to spend with her friends and her family, and she loves that time with them.

10. She’s Close to Her Family

She’s close to her family, as you can see by checking out the photos she posts of them on her social channels. She’s someone who likes to be sure she’s able to get the most out of life, and spending time with her family is definitely one way to do that.

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