10 Things You Didn’t Know about Doki Doki Literature Club

From the trailer the Doki Doki Literature Club looks like something you might enjoy if you really like plodding through games that don’t have much action but are more along the line of listening and paying attention to what’s going on in the story. But the disclaimer that comes before the game is something you might pause at since you wouldn’t think that an anime game would be anything that kids and people that are easily disturbed would worry about. That’s until you get into the game and find out that it’s something a lot darker than what it looks like. The depiction of anime girls in short skirts and tight shirts is only the pleasant wrapping of this game while the truly disturbing material is found inside and could possibly induce anxiety and nightmares in those that are easily upset by such developments. To say that it’s a little dark is kind of understating things, but all in all it’s an odd game that some folks might not fully understand in terms of why it’s so popular among others.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about the game.

10. It’s a visual novel.

The game is set up in a mode that is very much like a story and takes the player from one part to another as the idea is that you’re a new student to the literature club and are being introduced to the group. Eventually things get a little weird but initially it all seems above board and sweet to the point of inducing cavities.

9. Some of the scenes depend on the choices the player makes.

There are different endings to the game that will take place depending on how the character chooses to act, but there are only so many since it’s not an entirely interactive game and the endings are pre-determined based on how the player decides to choose.

8. It’s a very psychological game that some people have found disturbing.

There are some images in the game that are quite disturbing since they involve mutilation and other such acts that aren’t exactly for kids. That’s kind of funny though since a lot of kids have played games like Mortal Kombat at this point in their lives and this would be somewhat tame by comparison. But the disclaimer is still necessary.

7. It breaks the fourth wall quite a bit at certain points.

It’s easy enough to break the fourth wall with careful and clever programming since the character has to input their name into the game so as to make it a bit more personal. Monika is the one that instigates this since she is aware that she’s a character in a game and ‘talks’ to the player regularly.

6. It took two years to develop.

By video game standards that doesn’t seem like a long time, but in terms of something that doesn’t have a lot of movement or changing landscape it does seem like it took a while. Unless you know all about programming however it’s best not to say too much since the idea of creating a game like this is more than just the programming, it’s the planning and the artwork that had to go into it as well.

5. It was called one of the most surprising games of the year.

One of the biggest surprises isn’t that it gained any ground with fans, but that it managed to pass itself off as an innocent game before leaping on the players with the images and material that’s concealed within the pleasing facade.

4. There’s bonus material that needs to be paid for.

As it is with almost any game at this point there are extras within the game that can be purchased via credit card. This option for any game seems kind of ridiculous in a sense considering how much has to be paid at times just to purchase the system needed and then the game itself. But then again it’s a business and everyone wants to get paid.

3. The game has gained a cult following.

It definitely hasn’t seemed to hit the mainstream, otherwise it would be all over the net and possibly advertised on TV wherever it could be. But it has managed to gain enough of a following that people know about it and have played it repeatedly.

2. The creator has a kind of love-hate relationship with anime.

There’s nothing wrong with anime to be honest, it’s simply not the favorite genre of some folks while other people tend to love it and are obsessed with it. The stereotypes that come with anime however are heavily used in this game.

1. Monika is the NPC that causes most of the trouble.

Monika is the president of the literary club and the one that ends up causing all the trouble within the game.

For something that looks like a common anime game it’s actually fairly disturbing.

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