10 Things You Didn’t Know about Farmhouse Fixer

If you grew up between the mid 80s and early 90s, then you probably have fond memories of Jonathan Knight from his days as a member of the boy band, New Kids on the Block. These days, however, Jonathan is a grown man on an entirely different block. He has recently gotten into the home design world with his new HGTV series Farmhouse Fixer. As the title suggests, the show will focus on renovating old farm house and restoring them to their former glory. If you’re a fan of home design and have an extra special place in your heart for farm houses, this is definitely the hsow for you. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Farmhouse Fixer.

1. The Show Is The First Time Jonathan And Kristina Have Worked Together

Jonathan Knight isn’t the only star of the show. For each renovation project, he teams up with interior designer and close personal friend, Kristina Crestin. Although the two have known each other for years, being on the show is the first time they’ve actually worked together.

2. Jonathan Will Do His Best To Preserve The Home’s Original Character

When it comes to doing any kind of renovation project, there’s always a thin line between improving upon what’s already there and simply creating something new. Since all of the farm houses featured on this show have a lot of history, it’s important that some of their original beauty continue to be a part of their story. During each project, Jonathan makes it a point to retain some of the property’s original look and feel.

3. Farmhouse Fixer Is Jonathan’s First TV Show

As someone who spent his teenager years as a huge pop star, Jonathan is certainly no stranger to being in the spotlight. Still, however, he has never been in this kind of spotlight. Farmhouse Fixer is the first time he’s had his own TV show, but he handles himself so well you’d never be able to guess.

4. Jonathan Has Been A Designer For More Than Two Decades

When most people saw that Jonathan Knight was getting a renovation show on HGTV they were probably incredibly confused. What would someone from New Kids on the Block possibly know about renovating properties? What most people don’t realize is that Jonathan has more than 20 years of experience doing renovation projects and he particularly loves farm houses.

5. Show Extras Can Be Found Online

In a world where we’ve al gotten accustomed to being able to watch entire seasons in one sitting, it can be hard for traditional networks to keep people’s attention in between episodes. Farmhouse Fixer fans will be happy to know that the HGTV website has show clips and other content that will help viewers get their fix until new episodes air.

6. Home Owners Likely Foot The Bill For Renovation Costs

One of the first things that people wonder about when it comes to home design shows is who is responsible for the bill? An article from Reality Titbit suggests that the home owners are more than likely the ones who are responsible for paying for the renovations. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Reality Titbit mentioned that there’s a chance that the network pitches in for one major item.

7. Jonathan And Kristina Will Find Some Interesting Surprises

Any time you’re working on a project on an older home, you never know what kinds of things are going to come up. As Jonathan and Kristina dig deeper into each home, they will sometimes come across things they didn’t expect and some of these things will have the potential to make the project more complicated.

8. The Show Has A Feel Good Element

With all of the craziness going on in the world right now, we could all use something that serves as a positive light. Farmhouse Fixer could end up being that for a lot of people. Sure, the renovations are the main focus of the series but viewers will also get to see just how happy each homeowner is with the changes.

9. Outdoor Projects Will Be Included

The farmhouse itself isn’t the only thing that will be getting some TLC from Jonathan and Kristina. Some outdoor spaces will also be included in the renovation process which is a great option for people who spend a lot of time outside during the summer months.

10. Some Of The Houses Are Hundreds Of Years Old

On top of the other cool stuff the show has to offer, it will also incorporate some very interesting history. For example, the first house featured in the show was actually built some time in the 1700s. The fact that the house is still standing after more than 200 years.

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