10 Things You Didn’t Know about Faze Banks

If you don’t know who Faze Banks is don’t worry too much, I had to look him up too. Either this shows how old some of us are getting or how unimpressed we are by those that gain popularity through playing video games and gaining followers on social media. That’s basically where Faze Banks’ fortune comes from, playing video game tournaments and convincing people that he’s an online celebrity that deserves their money and their respect. Does that sound a bit cynical? It might simply because this doesn’t seem to equate out to work or to anything useful despite the debates that might come from such a statement. A lot of people might disagree and decide to say that Faze Banks and his crew are the kind of people that are happening and blowing up right now, but for those of us that can remember the 80s and the 90s it’s enough to make us roll our eyes a few times before changing the channel.

Here are a few other things you might not have known about Ricky “Faze” Banks.

10. Apparently he was kind of a troublemaker when he was younger.

Usually I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when I hear this but upon hearing and reading his bio it’s not too surprising that a lot of younger people like him since in his younger days he was a bit of a rascal that liked messing with other people.

9. He started his own YouTube channel in 2011.

The number of subscribers this guy has is just flat out insane but not too surprising since people seem eager to latch onto anyone these days. But the content he posts seems to be all video games or small talk about shoes, dogs, and various other things that a person would have to actually be interested in.

8. Faze has become famous for playing video games.

Call of Duty tournaments were his thing since he belonged to a couple of clans in his time and was actually pretty good at what he did. Some people would argue that video game tournaments are great but getting out and playing sports is better. That’s an argument we don’t need to get into though.

7. He became addicted to Adderall in 2016.

So before you feel too sorry for him keep in mind that Adderall is used primarily for ADHD and narcolepsy, meaning that since he was never fully diagnosed with either issue he had to find a way to convince a doctor that he needed the pills. From that point he became addicted to them by his own admission and his own choice, ostensibly because of the ‘pressures’ he was under while gaining and maintaining his fortune.

6. Banks was accused of assaulting Jake Paul’s assistant.

He did get to tell his side of the story and as a result he managed to get a few thousand followers as a result, while Jake Paul lost thousands after the full story was told. Yeah, that actually happened just like that.

5. His house costs a reported $15 million dollars.

He and a few others live in this house apparently, and it sounds as though it used to be a home of Justin Bieber’s as well. How they afford it is anyone’s guess but it’s easy to assume that the people watching his YouTube channel have a lot to do with it.

4. He got the number 68 tattooed on his arm because he and his girlfriend blurted the number out at the same time.

The number is apparently ‘special’ to him since he asked his girlfriend to say a number between 0 and 100 and they both said this number at the same time. That’s what it takes to know you’re meant to be together……yeah, note the sarcasm.

3. He’s got his own clothing line.

Supposedly his clothing line is superior since it’s well made and he wanted to be the first person to actually sell the items to his fans. Now without really downplaying that enthusiasm, which is great by the way, it kind of seems that he might have had to actually ‘work’ to do this, and that doesn’t really seem to factor into his lifestyle.

2. Apparently he’s suffered from depression.

It’s easy enough to talk about a person when it comes to various aspects of their life, but depression is one part where anyone would need to back off. However his depression seems to go away when he’s doing things that make him happy, which might mean that he’s slightly down in the dumps, since honest to goodness depression doesn’t just up and take off when you start doing something you like to do, at least not normally.

1. He makes around $2 million per year.

This isn’t what he’s been quoted saying, which means the hopes are that he makes a lot more since between his home, his shoe fetish, and the other expenses he seems to rack up, even $2 million a year wouldn’t be enough to keep him in the black.

There’s really not much else to say here, save for the fact that Banks is going to be lucky to be rolling like this when he’s in his 30s.

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