10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fear the Woods

If you have not seen Fear the Woods on the Travel Channel as of you, then you really need to remedy that as quickly as possible. This is a unique show that has been newly released, and it is growing in popularity by the episode. It is based on the outdoors, travel, and the things that go ‘boo’ in the night. Murder and mayhem are never very far away with each new episode. Here are 10 things you might now have known about Fear the Woods until now.

1. Games Can Go Wrong

Those games we used to play in the wood when we were younger truly could have played a role in something bad happening. You just never know. You will see one group of friends being joined by a crazy creature during something as innocent as a game of tag.

2. Sometimes You Go Hunting For Trouble

While there are times that trouble finds us on its own, there are times when we go looking for it ourselves. This is the case with Fear the Woods. One man has a lantern that seems to be possessed by a ghost. This lantern seems to keep going after the guy. True or false? The show will help you determine the answer to that.

3. There Are Truly Beasts in the Woods

We have long talked about beasts that live in the forests. Are they only legends, or do they exist only to reveal themselves at certain points in history? Fear the Woods will show you what happens when a group of hikers comes across an actual den for Bigfoot.

4. The Devil Is Lurking Where You Least Expect Him

We have all been called a little devil at one time or another, but this show demonstrates the demons do lurk out there in the dark. You will see what happens when some campers end up being tormented by some when they are spending an otherwise innocent night at the Devil’s Turning Point.

5. Mothman Is A Legend Worth Talking About

Fear the Woods talks about a lot of legends. Mothman is one of them. What happens when a couple takes their fascination with all things paranormal to the max? Horror can often be the result.

6. The Phantom Will Get Revenge

Phantom ghosts are very real to some people. Fear the Woods will show you a border patrol agent who comes face to face with a ghost that is avenging the murder of a colleague. Prepare to be amazed.

7. Some Legends Can Be Deadly

There are some legends that just make for a good campfire story, while others that can be quite deadly at times. One father and son got more than they bargained for when they came across Skinwalker while driving across the desert on a trip.

8. Even Ghost Hunters Can Be Attacked

Ghost hunters are known for trying to take matters into their own hands and make an area safe once again. As Fear the Woods will reveal, this is often a dangerous proposition. There are times when the spirits are just too much for even the most avid of ghost hunters, and some horrific things can happen as a result.

9. There Are Two Realms To Deal With

Which realm of reality do we live in? It can be quite troubling to even consider that there is more than one. What happens if you are between two of them? Fear the Woods addresses by looking at ghosts that have long haunted vast estates and terrorized people from all walks of life.

10. Each Show Is A Re-Creation of Personal Interview Accounts

Fear the Woods is a show that takes personal interviews with its guests to the extreme. You will be fascinated by their accounts, and then be equally drawn into the re-creations that the show is well known for. It is amazing to consider that things may actually happen out there, at night, when we least expect them.

This is a great travel oriented show that brings out a lot to think about. We have long grappled with the mysteries of the night. Are these accounts real, or are they the figment of an overactive imagination? You may never know for sure, but Fear the Woods will certainly give you pause to think about it.

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