10 Things You Didn’t Know about Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is the kind of guy that’s done a lot in his life apparently but since so much of it hasn’t been done in full view of the public and on camera he’s likely only going to be remembered for his contributions to film and TV. Obviously that’s not a bad thing since there are many worse things to be noticed for and being lauded as one of the most known faces in movies and TV is rather positive. A lot of times he’s been seen as the big, beefy type that doesn’t need to say much since people are there to stare at him in awe and not really listen to what he’s saying. But when he opens his mouth he proves that he can act as well as look good which is great for his career and has allowed him to prosper as someone that can deliver a line when needed and look intimidating at the same time, or even cuddly depending on the project he’s working on.

Here are a few things about Joe that people might not have known.

10. He was in the play Oklahoma! in high school.

It’s likely that he’s always been kind of big but it’s also likely that he’s been comfortable with his place on stage for quite a while since in high school there are those that love to participate in drama and those the get embarrassed just thinking about it. Joe seems to be the type that can get up on stage and not worry about what people are going to think.

9. Joe sometimes gets paid to dress up as Captain Morgan.

You can see it just by looking at him. Put him in a wig, pirate’s regalia, put a sword on his hip and a parrot on his shoulder with an eye patch and a glass of rum in one hand and he’s golden. In fact the costume would only highlight the natural look he has.

8. He’s gone skydiving with the Golden Knights.

If you don’t know who the Golden Knights are they’re a unit that belongs to the US Army and are a highly trained parachute team. Getting to jump with them would almost be like being able to get on the stage with your favorite rock star.

7. Joe actually was a roadie for a band at one point.

It’s not too hard to see him as a roadie, someone that would be hauling equipment, trying to keep people from mobbing the band, and performing various other activities in an effort to keep the band moving and well-ordered in their day to day functions.

6. He used to hold down a labor job and did demolitions for a construction company.

This kind of work tends to separate the men from the boys very quickly. If that sounds sexist it could be because you don’t see a lot of women make their way into the labor portion of the construction industry, though there are a few here and there that can hang with the men with ease.

5. Joe actually was trying to become the next Superman.

In fact the choice eventually came down to either him or Henry Cavill. Obviously the studio went with Henry and Joe was free to follow other pursuits. One can only hope that he’s brought back as Deadpool was shown at the end of Justice League. Do you think he would have shaved his mustache if he’d been Superman though?

4. He’s been trained as a boxer.

That’s not a small thing to be honest since boxers are notorious for being trained in a very hardcore fashion so that they can endure the grueling task of standing on their feet and getting pummeled or pummeling another man for so many rounds.

3. Joe was the bodyguard for Tyrese Gibson years ago.

This is another role that’s easy to see since he’s a big guy and when he packed on the muscle he really became a big guy. If he’s trained as a boxer and has even an inkling of other training then it’s safe to say that he’s a rather dangerous guy you wouldn’t want to mess with.

2. A good number of publications have listed him as one of the hottest males in the world.

Joe has been featured in a lot of magazines as one of the best-looking men around, some have even focused on his butt instead of his whole body, but a lot of them have at least decided to state that he’s one of the most attractive men overall.

1. He hired a group of violinists and cellists to play Nothing Else Matters by Metallica during his wedding to Sofia Vergara.

How many brides would be okay with this? Some might love it, others might have looked at Joe and stormed off. But for all intents and purposes Sofia seems to have appreciated the gesture.

Hey, it’s not just every guy that will hire someone to play Metallica on violins and cellos for their wedding.

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