10 Things You Didn’t Know about Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is a character from Attack on Titan. Technically, he isn’t a member of the main cast, but he has become more and more important over time. On top of this, it should be mentioned that Levi has proven to be very popular with the Attack on Titan fandom, as shown by the fact that he has placed first on both the first and the second popularity polls. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Levi Ackerman:

1. Member of the Survey Corps

Levi is a member of the Survey Corps, which is the branch of the military of Paradis Island that is responsible for heading beyond the walls. They are responsible for various tasks such as studying Titans, exploring the surroundings, and expanding human presence.

2. Leader of the Special Operations Squad

Speaking of which, Levi is the leader of the Special Operations Squad of the Survey Corps, which is an elite team that can be trusted with tougher than normal missions. With that said, the initial members of the team were killed in a single battle with an unexpected opponent, though it has since been reformed with new members.

3. Called Humanity’s Strongest Soldier

In Attack on Titan, Levi is called Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, which is a recognition of his exceptional capabilities when it comes to combating Titans. He is far from being invincible, but he is the closest thing to it in the series.

4. Member of the Ackerman Family

With that said, Levi can be explained to some extent by him being a member of the Ackerman family, which is a byproduct of Titan research that resulted in people with superhuman capabilities. There are other members of the bloodline that can be found in the series, meaning that it isn’t a coincidence when other characters share Levi’s family name.

5. Had a Rough Childhood

Levi’s upbringing wasn’t the best. In short, he was born to a prostitute named Kuchel Ackerman, who passed away because of a disease that she had caught from one of her clients. Levi would’ve wasted away as well if it wasn’t for Kuchel’s brother Kenny, who saved his life but wasn’t exactly very paternal to say the least. Essentially, Kenny abandoned Levi as soon as Levi had learned enough to be capable of winning fights.

6. Levi Was a Criminal

Perhaps unsurprisingly because of his lack of prospects, Levi was a criminal. In those times, he was bad enough that he managed to become notorious, though even then, he showed some of the same positive characteristics that he has retained to the present, with an excellent example being his willingness to work with others. Eventually, Levi left to join the Survey Corps.

7. Trusted Erwin Smith

There was some initial friction between Levi and Erwin Smith in the Survey Corps. However, Levi eventually came to trust in Erwin’s vision for the future of the Survey Corps, so much so that he was willing to take orders from him without hesitation. Something that was a notable departure from his usual unwillingness to be ordered around by other people.

8. Not Very Personable

Levi might be willing to work with other people, but he isn’t exactly what one can call personable. At best, he is blunt, which can very quickly veer right into insulting. Moreover, his sense of humor is an unappealing combination of dark, coarse, and vulgar, which contributes to why most people are too intimidated by him to converse with him in a casual manner. Erwin is a very rare exception to this rule.

9. Clean Freak

One of Levi’s quirks is that he is something of a clean freak, which extends to both his person and his surroundings. However, his preoccupation with cleanliness isn’t so bad that it interferes with his duties and responsibilities, as shown by his willingness to touch filthy things when he believes it to be necessary.

10. Popular Choice for Collaborations

Levi’s popularity with the Attack on Titan fandom makes him a natural choice for collaborations with other series. For example, when the mobile game Granblue Fantasy had a collaboration with Attack on Titan, Levi was one of the two characters made playable in it while the other was Mikasa Ackerman. Amusingly, this means that the Attack on Titan protagonist Eren Yeager failed to make the cut.

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