10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lil Kim

One thing that is very obvious about Lil’ Kim is that she has a very positive image about herself and doesn’t allow anyone to talk her down from that image. That’s great and all but throughout her career she seems to have undergone a transformation that has made it hard to identify her at times since from what people remember of a beautiful black woman with a great smile and the kind of beauty that seemed so natural we now have a woman that seems as though she might put Barbie to shame in terms of how she looks and the image she projects. Many people will gladly stand up and defend Kim’s looks since she’s a role model to many and an idol to others, but the one thing, beyond all the cynicism, that can be stated is that it does seem slightly hypocritical to promote a positive body image and tell others to be themselves when your own body has undergone such a massive transformation.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Lil’ Kim.

10. She’s had to deal with a lot of criticism throughout her career.

This one seems like a gimme but she has had to deal with a lot of people saying things about her over the years and while she’s fired back a time or two she claims that nothing really bothers her since her sense of self-worth is sound and she doesn’t worry about the haters. That’s a very positive outlook in fact and is worth admiring.

9. Notorious B.I.G. was her best friend.

At the time of his death they were a couple, though no one really knew how serious they were. Kim has been heard to say that no one would ever know the real relationship between the two of them since it apparently something that transcended what anyone else could understand.

8. She used to work at Bloomingdale’s in New York.

She’s not the first person to work a regular job and then suddenly skyrocket into fame and fortune and it’s likely that she won’t be the last. One thing anyone can hope is that such individuals remember where they came from and every now and then give props to those that helped them get to where they’re at.

7. She’s known to wear a variety of different colored contact lenses.

This has to be at least a small part of where the criticism comes from since Kim seems content to hide parts of herself now and again in various ways, as though she wants to present a different image while stating that it’s her and no one else. The idea of using the lenses to see better is obvious, but the different colors could be just for fun or for some other purpose that people aren’t made privy to.

6. Lil’ Kim has over 800 wigs.

Once again the criticism seems at least somewhat earned since being yourself tends to mean being who you are inside and out, and if she preaches this she doesn’t always practice it since her appearance has tended to change over the years.

5. She served a year and a day in jail for perjury in 2005.

Celebrities do actually go to jail now and gain for things that regular people do as well. But she did manage to get out early for good behavior, so she didn’t serve the year and a day, but was released a month or two early.

4. She likes to reinvent herself.

It’s so very easy to criticize someone that wants to change who they are that people tend to caught up in the whole act of hammering away at their image while at the same time forgetting that it’s none of their business. Only when that same individual has the nerve to say to anyone that you should just be yourself does the criticism take on any measure of meaning since then it becomes hypocrisy.

3. She’s a bit of an egotist.

She does state that likes to show respect to people but she also states that she carries around an aura that demands respect, which to some is like an open challenge since the idea of anyone simply demanding respect is a bit aggressive to some folks. Plus, the idea of labeling herself as a queen bee is a little humorous.

2. She’s a very family-oriented person.

It does sound as though she enjoys being around her family and that’s an admirable trait coming from anyone. It does make a person wonder if she’s the same way at home as she is on stage, but it’s just a thought.

1. Lil’ Kim has been in the business since she was a teenager.

If you see early photos of her you might not recognize Lil’ Kim, especially now. But she’s been in there for a while ‘reinventing’ herself, so it’s kind of easy to understand.

It has to be said, he’s hard to recognize at this point.

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