10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lizzy Caplan

You’ve probably seen Lizzy Caplan in a number of productions and been kind of impressed. If you’re like a lot of people though you might initially mistake her for Emily Blunt, at least until you look closer and notice that she doesn’t have an English accent and is kind of more loose with her attitude than Emily is. Lizzy is the kind of person that is absolutely fabulous in the roles she plays since she uses sarcasm the same way others use dramatic pauses to build up tension in a scene. She’s just as good at performing in a dramatic fashion but comedy is where she’s really seen herself headed throughout her career and it’s what she seems to enjoy at times. While it’s not all she does it is kind of fun to watch her engage in a comedic bit in various shows and in movies so as to break the tension and just have a good time with it.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Lizzy.

10. Lizzy was in a relationship with Matthew Perry up until 2012.

She was with Perry before a lot of people really knew who she was. The relationship ended eventually though there’s not much detail to go into since both of them just kind of moved on. While his career kind of went to the pits however hers kept moving upward.

9. She tends to think that aggression in high school is healthy.

Some of you might actually looked shocked but before you go thinking that she’s promoting violence of any sort just keep in mind how tense and demanding high school really is and always has been. At times it’s best to be able to vent and get all that pressure off your shoulders, and at times it might take an aggressive act or a few words to get the point out to people that you’re in a bad way.

8. Lizzy insists that girls actually do like namby-pamby guys.

This of course is always up for debate but some women do in fact love the guys that aren’t super-buff and aren’t ripped with muscle. The whole attraction sometimes seems to be that they can like who the guy is without having to idolize or drool over him for hours on end. Plus, they might not have to worry about anyone stealing him away.

7. She usually feels the need to find the link between herself and the character she’s playing.

That’s actually a pretty good idea for any actor since if a person simply steps into a role and doesn’t feel a connection of any sort it seems as though it would come off stale and not at all believable. But trying to find something in common would make the character a lot easier to believe.

6. Lizzy likes not being a mega-star.

There is a lot more fluidity to one’s career if they’re not constantly being sought out and tied down to one project after another, and it does seem as though it would offer a lot more personal freedom as well.

5. She has an interesting take on restaurants.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant then clap your hands at this since Lizzy thinks that before you ever step in one you should at least understand what the people go through in order to serve and please their customers. There are some truly horrific stories of disrespect that has been delivered to restaurant workers throughout the years, and Lizzy would know since she’s been there, done that.

4. In a way Lizzy loves being the sarcastic woman in any project.

She doesn’t see herself doing this for the rest of her life but at this time she does happen to enjoy the kind of role that she takes on now and again as the truly sarcastic individual that has a snappy comeback just waiting in the wings most times.

3. She’s very selective about the projects she accepts.

In part she’s stated that she shouldn’t really feel the need to be so picky but she does tend to get this way when it comes to trying to get parts in projects she really wants. For any actor this seems like at least a moderately good idea since picking something that’s not a good fit would likely be a bad idea and a possible detriment to their career.

2. At one point when she was young she wanted to be in the CIA.

The funny thing is she even admits to taking the online questionnaire when she was younger. Something seems to indicate that she changed her mind eventually since she’s about as far away from the CIA as she can get at this point, career-wise.

1. She managed to go non-dairy for a year.

Some people swear this is healthier, but others are just too into eating cheese and other products to make it happen.

She’s a rather funny lady if you ever watch her.

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