10 Things You Didn’t Know about Margot Robbie

No one missed a beat when Margot Robbie came into the industry since she kind of exploded onto the scene and was hard to miss. When she first started up her roles weren’t anything really quiet or unobtrusive, she got right in there and was someone that you simply had to pay attention to since she was in the room and demanded that kind of attention from anyone and everyone that was looking at her. As time has gone by her career has calmed down a bit, but she still commands an audience without having to do much since she is quite stunning and she does have the kind of acting talent that makes it possible and feasible to admire her in many ways. So far she’s played roles that tend to bank a lot on her sexuality, but there’s been enough content behind the looks that she’s pulled it off without a hitch and has definitely earned her place in the Hollywood elite.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. Before coming to Hollywood she starred in an Australian soap opera.

She won a couple of awards for this as well but the amusing part is that she was only supposed to be a guest or recurring character on the show at most. Instead she wound up being one of the most popular characters and getting cast again and again as she began to dominate the show just a bit.

9. She’s a big fan of the New York Rangers.

New York was the first place she came when she made her way to the states from Australia and as a result she definitely immersed herself in the culture. She also likes the New Orleans Saints which is a bit further from NY but hey, we’ve all got our favorites.

8. It’s not known if she can do it now but she learned to hold her breath for up to five minutes.

This seems like the kind of skill you might lose if you don’t practice it all the time but she had to develop this for her role in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn. It’s not just impressive, it’s downright difficult since there are men and women in the military and those that are exceptionally trained that can’t perform a feat like this.

7. In her time on Wolf of Wall Street she would take a few shots of tequila before the sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio.

A lot of people either wonder about or think that sex scenes in movies aren’t a big deal since they’re getting paid to be around beautiful people wearing either next to nothing or nothing at all. But a lot of actors are still kind of nervous when they get into these scenes and it’s easy to think that they might need something to steady their nerves.

6. Margot turned down a role in the film Birdman.

The role of the main character’s daughter was hers for the taking but she turned it down for whatever reason and it ended up going to Emma Stone. This doesn’t seem like a role that she might have excelled at but it’s hard to say that since we’ll never know.

5. She’s learned how to ink tattoos on people.

During her time with the cast of Suicide Squad she even went so far as to ink several of her costars. Unfortunately when she went to write SKWAD on their bodies it ended up saying SWKAD. You can imagine her embarrassment, but it seems as though those that got them could have had them corrected or removed.

4. Some of the stunts in Suicide Squad were all her.

She did perform some of her stunts in the movie so it’s not all done by a stunt double. A lot of actors have tried doing this in the recent past and the decades prior. Whether it became a trend or not is hard to say but there have been actors that have taken to doing their own stunts for various reasons.

3. She had to go through some intense training for her role in Suicide Squad.

Margot had to go through everything from boxing to weapons training to acrobatics and more to play the part of Harley Quinn since the villain is someone that’s at the peak of human endurance and strength and has always been highly flexible as well as agile.

2. She didn’t want to lose weight for her role in The Legend of Tarzan.

Playing the part of Jane she wanted to be healthy rather than skinny and she didn’t bother losing the extra weight that was asked of her. But seriously, looking at Margot do you really think the woman needs to lose weight? She looks perfectly healthy. Ah, Hollywood.

1. In reality she’s a brunette.

The realization that blondes do better in Hollywood, whether it’s true or not, was something she was wiling to gamble on when she started dying her hair.

Hopefully that last one didn’t spoil anyone’s image of her.

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