10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mina Kimes

It’s interesting now and again to see where people are trending from and how their names begin to gain traction among the public. For those that work behind the scenes and aren’t quite as prevalent when it comes to dealing with the public or showing their face it’s kind of hard to see how they gain enough attention for such articles, but their contributions still deserve a great deal of recognition at times. After all, without the people behind the scenes those that manage to gain all the glory and deal with the public on a regular basis might have to make their own hype and write their own articles in order for people to know anything about them. Wouldn’t that be interesting? In truth it would be kind of messy, which is why we need people like Mina Kimes, as they’re the ones that make sure that the people that need to be hyped are given their time in articles and various publications.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Mina.

10. There’s not a lot of information about her earlier years.

It’s hard to gather information when a lot hasn’t been put out there for people to see, but for all intents and purposes it sounds as though she’s been a good student for most of her life and has progressed steadily throughout her earliest school years.

9. Mina started out as a business journalist.

She was with Bloomberg to start with but this didn’t appear to be where she wanted to end up, though she did manage to learn a great deal during her time and also found a way to move forward with her career as she kept looking to the future and what she really wanted to do.

8. Eventually she ended up at ESPN.

Anyone want to debate whether a woman can talk about sports? Mina has been covering NFL-based information for a while now and has been one of the best at her job considering she’s been there for a few years. You don’t get those type of spots just for being a woman or because you know someone, it’s a matter of hard work.

7. She has a net worth of around $1 million.

Right now her salary is around $400,000 a year or more, which means she’s doing quite well for herself since a lot of other people in her position are seeking to make the same or more based on their experience and skills.

6. Her ethnicity is Korean but she was born in the USA.

It’s amazing that some folks would tell people to go back to their country since they have a different ethnicity, and would then proceed to ask those people if they’re indigenous if they decide to argue. But Mina was born in the US and has every right to be here.

5. Mina attended Yale and did quite well from all accounts.

Yale isn’t a picnic no matter how prestigious it might sound on a resume, it’s a lot of hard work and a great deal of pressure since it is one of the many schools that a lot of people raise an eyebrow to when they see that someone has managed to pass through the doors with a degree.

4. She reports on a lot of different controversial subjects but tries to avoid any personal controversy.

There are plenty of controversial topics in sports but it’s always important to remain close the story but well enough away in order to maintain objectivity. Anyone that deals with such subjects knows this since falling headlong into the story makes it take too many twists and turns that turn into something personal.

3. Her social media following is substantial enough.

It’s definitely not on par with a lot of other celebrities that are in full view of the public and are on average seen on a daily basis, but it’s enough that she has a decent following and is able to claim thousands instead of hundreds. It means that enough people know about her to care and to follow what she’s doing.

2. As of right now there’s not a ton of information on her when it comes the internet.

It could be that her career might be on the rise in a way that will put her more in the public eye than she is now, but at the moment Mina is kind of hidden away from the many prying eyes of the internet and has yet to really establish a strong presence. Whether that will change or not is hard to tell.

1. She signed an extension with ESPN magazine back in September.

It would seem that ESPN likes what she’s doing and that she likes it there well enough to have accepted the extension without much hesitancy. That’s a big part of what life is about after all, finding a job that you can love while you’re doing it.

We might start hearing more about her one of these days.

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