10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nina Agdal

You don’t really want to go around saying that models are all just pretty faces and no substance because quite often that will be proven wrong and completely erroneous and probably land a person in trouble. Nina Agdal is one of those that might have such words levied at her but at the same time she’s not quite as vapid as anyone would believe since she’s come this far and seems to have a good handle on what she’s doing. While it’s hard to tell if she’s pursued any higher education she did at least finish high school prior to really kick starting a career in modeling. From that point it’s hard to tell just what else she’s done since she’s been rather prominently featured with many different agencies and has made a living off of her looks and her ability to pose in front of a camera. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

Here are a few things you might not have known about Nina.

10. It almost sounds as though she was discovered by accident or perhaps just by coincidence.

The way it’s described how she was ‘found’ is that she was walking down the street one day and someone decided to offer her a modeling contract. There are stranger ways for this to happen after all and it might be closer to the truth than anything else.

9. She had absolutely no modeling experience when she was picked up.

Obviously she caught on quickly since she made this career work for her in a hurry. It doesn’t sound like there was much of a gap between when she was selected to start modeling and when it started becoming her life’s dream.

8. Nina was Rookie of the Year in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition in 2012.

For a female model this would be an absolute dream it seems since SI’s swimsuit edition is one of the most popular magazine’s around and has been for a very long time. This is the kind of thing that could boost a career to new heights and even give notice to others that this woman is on her way up.

7. Social media seems to love models such as her.

If you ever take the time to notice you might find that several top models have at least a million or more followers on social media. It would seem that models are prized when it comes to those that want to be online looking at profiles and what’s going on.

6. She’s professed that she likes going in the buff when she’s on vacation.

This is definitely something that those who aren’t all that scrupulous would love to cash in on as she is a very gorgeous woman and, unfortunately, those kind of pics when ‘leaked’ tend to bring a very big price at the cost of someone’s moral fiber.

5. Some of the things she’s said kind of paint her as superficial.

There’s always a chance that she’s been taken out of context or that what she said wasn’t the entire quote, but when asked if she would be with her current boyfriend if he didn’t have money she said ‘probably not’ which the kind of statement you’d expect of someone that who’s more of a gold-digger and less of a companion. But given the fact that she has money too she’s not so much a gold-digger for this statement, but just kind of shallow.

4. Her net worth is around $6 million.

This seems more realistic than the $300,000 that was seen elsewhere in relation to her, as models seem to be worth a great deal of money to the agencies that hire them and use them on a regular basis.

3. She started modeling at the age of 15.

Some people think that starting people out in modeling at a young age is a detriment to their development but others tend to think little of this since it’s a career opportunity that, if they’re lucky, can lead to a very posh lifestyle if they can stay relevant in the modeling world. It’s kind of hard to argue either side since there are drawbacks as well as benefits that have to be weighed when considering such a thing.

2. Nina is fond of stating that she’s fashioned her career in the same manner as several of her idols.

She’s been saying that her career has been modeled along the same lines as women like Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian for a while. Considering how popular they are that’s not a bad idea, but let’s hope that she doesn’t go down the same road as the Kardashians.

1. Apparently she’s had relationships with a few notable men within Hollywood.

Joe Jonas and Leo Dicaprio are two of the names that seem to have been on her list of men that she’s been seen with throughout Hollywood, but there are a few others as well.

The life of a model is definitely one that invites a lot of criticism as well as fandom.

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