10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paranormal 911

The Travel Network and many other channels are doubtless doing their best when it comes to beefing up their roster with the kind of shows that people want to watch and are willing to pay attention to. That could be why Paranormal 911 is going to be yet another show that the Travel Network attempts to push forward in an effort to keep things moving and perhaps get more people interested in a show that is, among the many, supposed to be as real as it gets despite the dramatized reenactments that are a common staple of such shows. It’s typically kind of exciting to see such shows come on the air since it does seem to promise something different and perhaps even pleasing when you really think of what the show might do differently from any of the others, but until then a lot of people do remain skeptical.

Here are are a few things about the show you might want to know.

10. The team is apparently made up of credible paranormal experts.

The only issue with being a ‘credible paranormal expert’ these days is that this claim gets tossed around far too often without any real credentials and the idea of anyone being truthful and fully-trained when it comes to detecting and seeing spirits or noticing them when they’re around is kind of hard for anyone to validate.

9. As the title suggests the show is about being a first responder for paranormal activity.

This would almost make them like the Ghostbusters but in a much different light since they aren’t there to nab the spirits, they’re there to ascertain just what’s going on. So really, what’s a first responder’s job if they aren’t there to help solve an issue of some sort?

8. They will be using technology to register any paranormal occurrences.

The technology that is used to detect ghosts and spirits is hard to refute but at the same time it would seem that those of us watching are taking the word of the people in front of the camera for it. There’s not a lot of room to doubt, but it still seems that a lot is being taken on faith.

7. The crew is made up primarily of professional firefighters, EMS, and folks from similar backgrounds.

There’s nothing to say that paranormal experts can’t come from very different backgrounds, but the cast is made up primarily, if not entirely, of people that share these backgrounds and are thought to be much more responsive in a very crucial way.

6. They take a dim view of ghost hobbyists.

The crew tends to think that hobbyists don’t respect the spirits enough when it comes to finding and seeking them out. They insist that they’re trying to communicate with the spirits while at the same time respecting them as, well, as they would any other.

5. The team is going to deal with spirits in a very empathetic manner.

This is a big reason why they want to use first responders on the crew, because they’re used to dealing with people in tough situations. It’s been seen on many shows that the ghost hunters will be kind of crude and even rude in the way they go about finding out information about the spirits, and this crew is trying to sympathize with how they feel.

4. Their whole angle is not exploiting the evidence they find but they still put it in the show.

They don’t want to exploit the families of the dead or those that perished in various ways, but unfortunately the show and the fact that they’re willing to talk about it at all kind of denies the credibility they’re trying to build up through this method. When your show is seeking to make ratings, exploiting any aspect of it seems to be par for the course.

3. Unfortunately it sounds as though it’s going to be very dramatized.

People will of course want to see what is being described and as a rule that means a dramatization need to occur so that a basis can be made that people can work from. Unfortunately it usually ends up becoming a kind of mini-movie that can misrepresent the actual moment.

2. People are always looking for a good ghost story.

If anyone was going to be completely honest that’s why these shows are being handed over to the public for their approval so that they can gain the ratings they need. A ghost story is only as good as its telling and whether these things really did happen or someone is willing to go on TV to tell a tale for a few minutes worth of fame it’s all the same to the network.

1. In terms of credibility the show has already been compromised.

The cast wants this to be seen as a serious attempt at contacting spirits and finding out just what they want, if anything, but so far it seems like another ghost hunter show.

It might seem cynical, but if you’re going to look for spirits and don’t want to exploit them, going on TV isn’t a great start.

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