It’s Been 10 Years Since Gossip Girl: What We’ve Learned

Gossip Girl

September 2007 was a time of controversy for many parents in the US. A new show about the lives of rich teenagers had been premiered, and as many put it into words, it became “parents’ worst nightmares.” It’s been 10 years since Gossip Girl first aired, and people are still talking about it—maybe not so much in the worst nightmare sense but more on how great the show truly was. We’ve learned so much about the show since then and we’ve come up with a list for you that start right at the very last episode of the show. If you’ve never seen the show or are still trying to finish it, just skip number one on the list and you’ll be okay.

1. [Spoiler alert] Dan Humphrey was gossip girl

No one expected this at all. Matter of fact, as the show went on, gossip girl started to sound more like an all-knowing psychic than anything else. There were times when gossip girl knew things that no one should know about at all. This development actually happened as a last minute effort to salvage the role, and even actor Penn Badgley didn’t know he was playing gossip girl up until the revealing scene was shot. If you also didn’t’ know, the voice of gossip girl was done by Kristen Bell, by the way.

2. Ed Westwick auditioned for the role of Nate.

There’s absolutely no way anyone can picture this after having experienced the romance between Blair and Chuck. Those two were perfect for each other and the dynamic between them wouldn’t have been perfect if Chuck didn’t have Westwick’s sinister and hungry looks. Meester and Westwick played the perfect pair, and even picturing the show with Westwick as Nate Archibald drives the entire universe to insanity. So thank goodness that didn’t work out.

3. Blake Lively almost didn’t do the show.

Even worse than Westwick-Nate situation is the fact that Blake Lively was going to go to college instead of doing Gossip Girl. Many fans sincerely believed that Lively was actually Serena in real life. There was no other actress that personified Serena as much as Lively did. We can’t thank her for not going to college, but we can thank her for giving us the Serena van der Woodsen of a lifetime.

4. January 26 is Gossip Girl Day in New York.

It’s true. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the show’s set on its 100th episode milestone to announce that January 26 is now officially Gossip Girl Day. No one can contest this because of the way the show portrayed the beautiful city. In an unexpected way, the show became an ambassador for the city and promoted the best of what the city has to offer.

5. People are still discovering Gossip Girl.

They’re not just discovering it; they’re loving and obsessing with it. The show has always had a stronger viewership online and on DVRs. Now that Gossip Girl is available on Netflix, it’s continuously growing its audience even after 10 years. Oddly enough, the demographic of the viewers remain the same; so this is something that might continue on far into the future.

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