1600 Penn 1.13 “Marry Me, Baby Season Finale” Review

1600-Penn-Marry-Me-BabyIt’s Wedding-Gate 2013! And the season finale of 1600 Penn!

During an interview with Larry King, Standrich uttered the words “marriage is stupid.” No mas, el presidente, no mas. TLC has made a killing on people’s love for weddings.

The news had a field day with this and it was revealed that Emily and Standrich aren’t even married because Skip never mailed the marriage certificate. Haven’t they learned not to trust Skip with important documents, open flames, sharp objects, antique china… ANYTHING?

When things weren’t going his way with the wedding planner, Skip used Mikey’s inspirational “down here it’s our time” speech from The Goonies to try to prove his case that it didn’t matter what was served at the wedding. Fact: never use a quote from The Goonies to prove a point. You will always lose.

Meanwhile, D.B. wanted to marry Becca and he wasn’t sure what their Facebook relationship status was. Were they friends without benefit, pre-engaged or just your run-of-the-mill couple? The boy needed to know and so did I frankly. This back and forth has been too much.

After taking some advice from Stacey, Skip decided on providing one special moment for the wedding, which just happened to take place before the “I do” portion of the ceremony. Accompanied by Stacey on the harp, Skip wanted to play Cyndi Lauper’s song from The Goonies (everything always comes back to that movie) and opted with one of Cyndi’s lesser known hits “Time After Time.” Becca knew the song all too well because that was her birthing song and she went into labor at the wedding.

Skip kissed Stacey… and she liked it! HUZZAH!!!

At the hospital, Becca had her baby… and he’s black. Yup, Marshall is Becca’s baby daddy. Well that just solves a huge problem for the show if it got a second season. With D.B. pretty much out of the picture, that can allow Robbie Amell to exit the series and head over the the C.W’s The Tomorrow People.



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