17 Great Facts about the Movie “Taxi Driver”

In the history of disturbing movies there are some that really make you think about the path upon which many people place themselves and how they come to the decision that such is a good idea. Taxi Driver is a film about a man that is slowly succumbing to the madness that surrounds him by embracing it and twisting it to his own ends as a means of survival. It shows a much darker side of human nature that, when left without a necessary means of compassion or understanding, can be highly destructive.

Bridges at this time didn’t seem to have the look or the right attitude that would have allowed him to play a convincing Bickle. DeNiro however was able to go nuts without much provocation.

Considering that Iris was an underage prostitute I think a lot of moms would have forced their young daughters to turn this role down. Even now it might not be considered a good idea.

I don’t know about shocking but it was a fitting end to a life that had gone seriously off the rails. It was almost as though Bickle was taking himself off the board so to speak.

I kind of wonder why they got rid of this. Maybe it offended someone? That seems to be the trend that’s been happening for a while now.

I wish I wouldn’t have found this one out now. It seemed so much better to think that he’d actually taken his role this far.

If he didn’t die then he was either arrested and sent to prison or institutionalized would be my guess. The guy just wasn’t right in the head.

This part was actually pretty easy to notice since Scorcese made it a rather big deal when he was ranting and raving.

That seems to be the way of the classics, they only get recognized as such when the right amount of time passes and people look at them from a different angle.

For someone that’s never done it that had to be an arduous schedule. Just imagine what he saw and heard throughout his many shifts.

Remember when actors pulled down just six digits for a film? Now there are people being paid MILLIONS for TV episodes for crying out loud.

It sounds more like he was hedging his bets to be honest. That sounds so horrible, but really, who in the world keeps a loaded revolver on their desk when they’re writing? I just keep a throwing knife….

So life imitating art, isn’t that sweet? And I’ll bet a whole lot of other incidents were blamed on the movie too. Films are usually blamed when people go off the rails.

So the story of Travis Bickle wasn’t ENTIRELY penned from scratch. This guy actually lived it for a while.

That doesn’t seem like it would even be legal to use a minor in this way even if her sister doubled for her. It seems like they got away with a lot more back then than they do now.

To be honest her role in this was a little too played up for the simple fact that she seemed to be there and gone in an instant compared to the rest of the film.

I still just can’t see Harvey Keitel as a pimp. He looked more like a hippie who got lost in this film.

Robert DeNiro struck Hollywood gold when he made this line up. Can you even imagine how many people have used this line since the movie was released?

It was a disturbing movie to be true, but it was also one of the greatest ever made.


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