The 20 Most Powerful Weapons in the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is definitely known for some of the most powerful weapons in the comic book multiverse. Some of these weapons are quite legendary, while others are a bit more obscure. Weapons aren’t necessarily destructive; in fact some do the exact opposite. Just as some of these weapons are tied to one superhero, some are more universal. Either way, Marvel comics has a bevy of some of the most powerful weapons in comic book existence. Weapons can be awe-inspiring, interesting, intimidating, weird, or impressive. Find out more about Marvel’s best gadgets; here is the 20 most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. Remember: many of these weapons are so intensely powerful that they can only be used in times of certain desperation. Therefore, some Marvel weapons may be more rare than others, but that doesn’t stop them from being just as impressive.

1. The Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet is most likely the most famous glove in the comic book world. Marvel Universe claims this all-powerful artifact which makes the wearer omnipotent, granting total command over its six infinity gems. There is one each which represent power, time, reality, space, mind, and soul. This is what makes it so powerful; it is basically six weapons in one. The glove acts as a conduit through which each of the six stones’ powers can not only be channeled, but also be amplified, making the one who wields it omnipotent. Thanos is one most known for wielding it, but he is not the only one. As far as weapons go, there’s not much this one can’t do; it’s been used to knock around cosmic deities as well as completely destroy

2. Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer

Mjolnir, or Thor’s Hammer, is probably the best known weapon in the Marvel Universe. Wielded by Thor, it is a magic hammer which allows him to have some of his abilities and powers. Dwarven blacksmiths forged the hammer out of uru, an Asgardian metal. The weapon can only be used by those who have been deemed worthy enough which is part of what makes it so famous. Mjolnir is infused with power, allowing the one who wields it such abilities as being able to fly and control the weather. In addition, the hammer will return to its wielder’s hand when summoned. Mjolnir is extremely destructive, producing and controlling Cosmic Energy, there are very few objects able of resisting its force.

3. Mandarin’s Rings

Mandarin’s Rings were worn one on each finger and each rings has a different power, all seductive, but some are extremely destructive. Mandarin’s portrayal has changed over the years due to his originally being racist, but his rings have remained the same. Though they were generally thought to be some type of magic, the rings turned out later to actually be alien technological pieces. Each ring has a different power; one can blast wind and lightning; another can channel space vacuums; and another can even change things on an subatomic level. If there is something that needs to be destroyed, chances are one of these rings can do the job.

4. All-Black The Necrosword

This Marvel Universe weapon definitely has seriously death metal name. That’s probably because it belongs to Gorr, the Butcher of Gods, recently added to Thor’s rogues’ gallery. Gorr went on a god-killing rampage across the universe and his Necrosword, which he used masterfully, was his weapon of choice. The Necorsword is capable of killing the gods, which are some of the most powerful beings known to the Marvel Universe. With each god he kills, the sword gets stronger. There’s one story about this sword that depicts a future Earth where an aging Thor must wield All-Black in order to slay Galactus, proving that the Necrosword is indeed one of the most powerful and deadly weapons in existence.

5. Ultimate Nullifier

The Ultimate Nullifier has been called the most devastating weapon in the universe. It’s the first of many absurdly strong weapon to appear in the Marvel Universe. It was given to the Fantastic Four by the Watcher so they might be able to use it for scaring away Galactus from Earth. Since then, this weapon has generally been used as a last threat, when all else fails, and it typically does the job despite the fact that it looks completely nondescript. While it’s abilities aren’t well-defined, it is known that the Nullifier can essentially annihilate anything it’s pointed at. Unfortunately, because of its awesome power, it can be somewhat unwieldy and difficult to control. It’s been known to nullify the wielder as well as its target. If the Nullifier were to fall into the wrong hands of someone with sufficient power to wield it, it is said that this weapon could destroy complete universes.

6. Muramasa Blade

The Muramasa Blade is an ancient Japanese magical sword. It’s usually associated with Wolverine, whose character spent a lot of time in Japan. Wolverine used this powerful sword for many impressive achievements, such as putting Sabretooth, his archenemy, down permanently. While it’s an impressive weapon, The Muramasa Blade is more known for preventing than doing. It is as strong as Wolverine’s claws, but the Blade has the ability to magically stop all factors of healing. It has been described as a blade than can end immortality as it is used to kill those who are deemed to be unkillable.

7. Excalibur

Excalibur is the legendary indestructible and magical sword of King Arthur. It was given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. Excalibur is probably the most known sword in the history of fiction, in the comic books as well as other literary works. Although it is often confused with the Sword in the Stone, which King Arthur drew in order to prove himself to be the King, but they are two very different swords. Excalibur is the ultimate weapon, having been wielded by several superheroes, including the Black Knight and Captain Britain. This sword is as strong as any can be and it prevents the wielder from spilling even a drop of blood. According to Excalibur’s legend, the sword is able to kill anyone and anything, immortal or not, and in addition, it also several magical abilities of its own.

8. Nega-Bands

Based on Quantum Bands, Nega-Bands were made an alien race called the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree. Worn on the wrists like bracelets, they grant the wearer the power for increasing their physical strength, absorbing and manipulating energy, and the ability to fly. In addition, the one who wears these bands has no need for breathing, eating, or sleeping. The Nega-Bands channel the energy from an alternate dimension, Negative Zone, which was discovered by the Fantastic Four. Most notably, the Bands have been worn by Captain Marvel and Quasar. When wearing the Bands, the user can use a number of awesome abilities, all of which are derived from the Negative Zone’s energies. For example, the Bands increase physical strength giving the wearer the punching power of the Hulk.

9. The Universal Weapon

The Universal Weapon is wielded by Ronan the Accuser, the alien Kree’s race most powerful member. This weapon is capable of several effects such as changing the structure of matter, creating energy blasts and force fields, and flying. Unauthorized users get a shock if they try to wield it. Even though its name is quite boring, it’s probably Marvel Universe’s second most known warhammer. One of the reasons it’s quite famous is due to its merging with an Infinity Stone’s power in the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, even without an Infinity Stone, this warhammer can deal out extensive damage, channeling its power in several ways. In addition, the weapon itself is quite dense and deadly as a blunt-force weapon.

10. Captain America’s Shield

Captain America’s Shield is much more than just a shield or a symbol of patriotism and justice; it can be used for defensive purposes as well as an offensive tool. As a shield, anything that gets thrown against it, hits it, or touches it, its power gets absorbed by it, making stronger and more durable. The shield is so indestructible that Captain America can use to shield himself from being pummeled by the Incredible Hulk. In addition, the shield can be used by throwing it or using for blunt-force striking, packing a punch either way.

11. Cosmic Cubes

In the Marvel Universe, among some of the most powerful objects are Cosmic Cubes. They are created out of another dimension’s energy and whoever possesses the Cosmic Cube can use it to literally reshape reality. The Cube can control energy and matter. Its primary ability is sort of like granting a wish, although its more like extremely warping reality. The Cosmic Cube answers to the sentient beings’ will who use them and require much practice in order to use them properly. One who is skilled in using the Cube can alter reality in answer to their own thoughts; the Cube grants their desires. However, it seems that the effects are more illusory in nature instead of having a real affect on reality in a multiverse scale. Nonetheless, the Cosmic Cube can alter reality on a galactic scale.

12. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak is a powerful jewel which was created by the Lord of the Crimson Cosmos, Cyttorak. It contains an inscription which basically says that whoever touches it will gain the power of Cyttorak, becoming a human juggernaut. The Ruby’s incredible energy causes anyone who comes into contact with it to transform into a Juggernaut, which is literally irrepressible. The Juggernaut acquires immense stamina and strength. In addition, he doesn’t need to breathe or eat. There is but a single weakness, which is the Juggernaut’s mind, but it is shielded from psychic attacks by his armor’s helmet. Furthermore, after the Crimson Gem returned after a space trip, it seemed to have gained new capabilities, such as shooting concussion force beams, animating wax statues, and sending communicative signals anywhere around the world.

13. The Darkhold

The Darkhold contains pages of all-powerful spells of black magic. Its corruptible affects are so hard to resist that few are able to use without squandering their souls, allowing Chthon to take over by possessing them. Among the spells listed in the Darkhold are those for entering Limbo, originating lycanthropy, invoking Darkforce, controlling others’ wills, and the one which seems to be the most well known of all, the utter destruction of all vampires. The Darkhold is able to be read in any and all languages as well; Chthon assured that it would be.

14. The Casket of Ancient Winters

An artifact of Asgard, The Casket of Ancient Winters is powered by a seemingly endless magical energy supply. It creates the wrath of a thousand slaying winters, releasing powerful arctic-like weather capable of freezing everyone and everything in its path, creating massive snowstorms, and killing humans while immobilizing Asgardians. At one time, Surtur tried using by attempting to defeat Thor. Belonging to the Frost Giants, The Casket of Ancient Winters was both a weapon and relic. They used it to vanquish those who were their enemies, enabling them to conquer enemy realms as well by producing and projecting a limitless icy wind, freezing entire landscapes and plunging entire worlds into ice ages. It was eventually captured by an Asgardian and sealed in Odin’s Vault, but was stolen by Loki. It was later destroyed.

15. The Evil Eye of Avalon

Virtually indestructible, The Evil Eye manipulates matter, creates/destroys force fields and fires large blasts of energy. In addition, it grants the wielder the ability to time travel and warp dimensions. It’s one a Marvel’s relics from their more innocent days, which is why is looks like a flashlight. The Evil Eye has six pieces, all different, which are now scattered across the world in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. When its all together, it’s basically a point and shoot weapon. It’s rarely been used, but has been looked for and sought after by many powerful and evil villainous types. This weapon is powerful enough to subdue gods, but it hasn’t made an appearance since the 1990s.

16. The Black Vortex

Although the Black Vortex isn’t a huge threat in and of itself, but its powerful cosmic powers are generally the target of those who are evil. The Vortex allows its user to obtain cosmic powers, which are essentially the gods’ powers. This makes it very dangerous were it to fall into the wrong hands. Mortals can’t handle its enormous power and will end up losing their humanity, their very souls and hearts twisted by its power. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men once used the Vortex’s power temporarily in order to wield it against aliens who were trying to steal it. Although they were able to control its power, they gave it up the first opportunity to do so.

17. The Staff of One

The Staff of One has almost unlimited power. It comes with two provisions, though. First, it can only be called to place when its owner spills their own blood. Second, it is only capable of casting a spell once, which is where it got its name. In spite of this limited use, this weapon is extremely powerful, so much so that Doctor Strange’s adversaries are afraid of it. When using the right words, the Staff can be used to cast a wide variety of spells which could alter the universe’s fabric irrevocably and dramatically.

18. The Watcher’s Eye

Uatu the Watcher kept watch on Earth from a secret base located on the moon. After watching many notable events happening over the course of many years, the Watcher had an extremely large amount of knowledge about the planet’s history and many of the heroes of Earth had secrets which he kept. Unfortunately, because of his vast knowledge of history and secrets, eventually he became a target. When he was killed, his eyes were removed, which stored his knowledge and memories. The heroes hurried to find the murderers and the power of his eyes was unlocked, releasing the terrible secrets Marvel heroes has been keeping. It’s because of this knowledge of history and secrets that makes them so powerful.

19. The Tactigon

The Tactigon is an extremely powerful alien tool. It has the ability to be an ultimate weapon for fighting against any foe. It scans your opponent, matching its power perfectly to light them up, generally through energy blasts. This weapon is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons, Omega-level. The Tactigon bonds to its host temporarily and transforms its appearance depending on usage. It’s not only a very handy weapon to wield when fighting, but also terrible for falling into the wrong hands

20. Heart of the Universe

Most of the history of the Heart of the Universe is unknown. However, it is usually considered to be Marvel universe’s most powerful force. It was known to be virtually omnipotent, allowing the ability to take on all cosmic beings. This force, which has the power of The One Above All, (TOAA) was used by Thanos in order to create universes and reach his goal. Nonetheless, it was apparently destroyed once Thanos’ universe was brought back into existence.

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