2009 Fall Preview: “90210”

Premiering on Tuesday, September 8 at 8:00 p.m. E.T. on The CW.

I had moderate hopes for this show when it premiered in 2008. I hated that they were going to remake my beloved Beverly Hills: 90210, but since I liked Gossip Girl so much I was willing to give the new 90210 a chance. Of course, I forgot that I was a complete idiot. I wasn’t impressed with the first season of this show. It was just so much more of the same that I thought my brain would go bored from tedium. It really had none of the spark that made Gossip Girl so delicious.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who was complaining, because the showrunners have promised to revamp the show. In fact, they even announced that Dustin Milligan (Ethan) would be dropped from the cast. Frankly I think that was a mistake, because they weren’t getting rid of the real problem with the show (*cough*Shenae Grimes*cough*) but whatever.

At the end of season 1, Adriana had given birth to her baby, but decided to give it up for adoption. Navid comforted her in the hospital. Newcomer Liam and Naomi finally admitted that they liked each other, but when Naomi returned home from visiting Adriana in the hospital, she discovered that Liam had cheated on her. She doesn’t know, however, that he slept with her b*tchy sister Jennifer. Instead, she accuseed him of sleeping with Annie. Liam didn’t correct her, so Naomi exploded at Annie at the post-prom party, causing Annie to flip out and leave the party. Shortly after Liam is dragged away to military school by his stepfather.

After Annie left the party she decided to go for a drunk driving joyride and, in the early morning hours, she ran over someone. Another car drove by as Annie speed off, leaving us to believe that there is a witness to her crime. Dixon and Ethan got into a fight because Dixon accused Ethan of crushing on Silver. Silver and Ethan ended up kissing and Ethan said he wanted their relationship to go further. Since Ethan’s off the show, I’m thinking it won’t go very far at all.

I don’t have high hopes that the show will be revamped in a way that will make me like it much more, but for some reason I cannot explain I keep watching it occasionally. It’s a very masochistic situation for me. How can I spring free from this? Liam’s pretty cute, though, so I hope he’ll be back on the show soon.

The CW has released a summary of the season 2 premiere episode:

SUMMER SCHOOL IS OUT AT WEST BEV AND THE KIDS HIT THE BEVERLY HILLS BEACH CLUB! The group of friends from West Beverly were forced to attend summer school after Annie (Shenae Grimes) called the police on Naomi’s (AnnaLynne McCord) after-prom party. Naomi, Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) have formed a close friendship over the summer, while Annie has isolated herself from her friends and family, worried about her hit-and-run accident on prom night. For the remainder of the summer, everyone hangs out at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, where Naomi and Silver meet Teddy (guest star Trevor Donovan, “Days of Our Lives”), a pro-tennis player and the son of a famous movie star. Adrianna is surprised to see her childhood boyfriend and Navid (Michael Steger) organizes a romantic evening with Adrianna, with hopes of finally losing his virginity. Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and Silver try to make their relationship work but a text message may force Dixon to ends things once and for all. Rob Estes, Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold also star.


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