24 “Day 7: 2:00am-3:00am” Recap

2-3am-jack-tony1Last week on 24 – Tony’s stuck in the Heel Face Revolving Door! He strangled Moss in order to recover a canister of the bioweapon that’s slowly killing Jack. Spawn came back, but she wasn’t nearly as annoying as she usually is. Jon Voight was arrested after Tony blew up the bioweapon. Jack is suffering from the effects of the bioweapon, as he’s becoming unusually weepy.

Open on Jon Voight’s lawyer, Patricia. Let’s call her Patty, okay? Patty goes to leave her house and, upon opening the front door, is sprayed in the face by some sketchy-looking dude in a mask. A similar-looking blonde follows Mask Dude in as he shoots the unconscious Patty up with something lethal, gets her fingerprint, and transfers it to Fake!Patty on a thin strip of plastic. I smell a ruse!

At the FBI Command Center, Walker gets an ID on Galvez (Tony’s cohort with the backpack) and puts the surrounding area on lockdown. However, Janis is having trouble getting in touch with Moss. Why? Because he’s deaaaaad. Don’t tell Walker. Admittedly, I’m still torn on Moss’ death. He was really bothering me for a few episodes, particularly when he was getting pissy with Walker about Jack, but I was starting to develop some semblance of respect for him over these last few hours. Either way, what a crappy way to go, right?

Tony stands over Moss’s DEAD body and hears the APB on Galvez. He reloads a pistol and shoots himself in the side with a roaring grunt. It’s hardcore, y’all. Oh, Tony. Even when you’re evil, I adore you. Actually, I think I adore you more this way. Tony’s phone rings and it’s Galvez. He’s run into the FBI perimeter. Tony tells him to shut up and guard the canister — it’s worth a lot of money to the people he’s working for. Tony has to hang up and play dead, though, as the FBI forces pull up. An FBI guy pulls Tony up as he splutters and lies that they were ambushed and he doesn’t know where Galvez went. Sneaky.

Spawn (for I refuse to call her “Kim” after reading M. Giant’s recaps for so long) approaches Walker and says goodbye — she’s going back to LA. Jack refused treatment and she’s willing to go along with his wishes because he’s a stubborn piece of work. Spawn’s just happy they got to reconcile. Sorta. Janis calls Walker and says the tactical team wants to speak with her. Agent Park, the head of the tactical team, reports that Moss and the helicopter pilot are dead, and Tony’s been shot. Walker gets that Deer in the Headlights Look and pretty much shuts down until Agent Park tells her she’s the ranking agent in charge. Hey, congratulations on the promotion Walker! I — oops. She tells Agent Park to maintain the perimeter and start a sweep. She’s going to help with the search, even though the tactical team doesn’t need her. Walker comes off as one of those people who tries to lose themselves in themselves in their work, y’know? Which might explain why she was so quick to judge Jack for doing the exact same thing. Walker starts barking orders at Janis and tells her to notify Moss’ ex-wife. “Ex”? Oooh. The plot thickens. Walker stomps out.

Jack’s shakily drinking a glass of water as he’s being debriefed. He looks like crap, but he insists on continuing. The debriefer, Agent Mizelli, is asking about Tony’s “dead” source, the one that had the intel on the White House attack. Jack says the guy’s name was Vincent Cardiff, but he’s having trouble conveying much else. Seeing Jack’s rapidly deteriorating physical state, though, Mizelli suggests Jack take a break. Jack sees the tactical teams assembling outside the conference room, so he goes outside to check. Walker’s giving orders to the troops like a champ. Jack approaches and Walker tells him what happened with Moss, Tony, and the canister. She walks away before the two of them can talk about their feelings. I knew there was a reason I liked her!

I’m starting to think that Tony didn’t think this whole, “Hey! I’m Gonna Shoot Myself In the Side!” thing through. (He could have shot himself in the shoulder — oh, wait. That’s that other show’s thing.) He’s getting medical attention because it seems he nicked an artery. He’s refusing to be taken to the hospital or take pain medication, because that would interfere with his nefarious plans. He asks Agent Park about Galvez’s location, then walks off to phone Galvez with an escape plan. Galvez is supposed to use some C4 to blow up a building, after drawing a boatload of FBI agents towards his location. This sounds like a bad plan.

Walker hops onto a helicopter to join the tactical team and looks petrified. Jack crawls into the helicopter with her and insists that if he’s got physical problems, he’ll stand down. Like it or not, though, he’s going with her. I think she falls on the “like it” side of the dilemma.

Fake!Patty goes to the military site where Jon Voight is being held. Her fingerprint passes electronic confirmation and she’s escorted to holding.

Madame President talks to Olivia about Galvez and Moss’ death. Madame President is not convinced that Galvez is not working with Starkwood. She’s clearly still haunted by Jon Voight’s “small cog in a very large machine” speech. Madame President is considering making a deal with Jon Voight if it means that she can figure out the extent to which this conspiracy runs. GASP.

Fake!Patty enters the area where Jon Voight is being held, and he recognizes that she’s Fake!Patty, not Real!Patty. Fake!Patty asks her military escort to leave before informing Jon Voight that his actions has put his “partners” in a very awkward position. Jon Voight defends his actions, but Fake!Patty counters that he and Starkwood he would have been protected from Senator Mayer. The bioweapon Jon Voight had built for “them” was not intended for personal use. “They” are convinced he’s had a psychotic break. DUH. “They” are not willing to negotiate with him. Jon Voight doesn’t know who “they” are. Neither do I, and I’m getting damned tired of using all these quotation marks! All Jon Voight has to do is take a little red pill that will induce cardiac arrest, leaving no chemical trace, and his family will be protected. With him dead, the government won’t be able to prosecute Starkwood and his company’s reputation will be saved. Don’t do it, Jonas! I can’t bear the thought of losing Jon Voight! John Voight STUPIDLY accepts the pill as Olivia walks in and orders Fake!Patty to leave. Jon Voight is cuffed and led out for processing (they’re taking him to FBI for interrogation). Fake!Patty calls “them” in order to relay Jon Voight’s status. She also reveals that Tony called her with an update on Galvez’s jaunt around town with the container. Fake!Patty “has faith [Tony] will come through.” Eep! Mr. Almeda’s in some deep doo doo.

Galvez calls Tony to let him know where he’s set up camp. Tony informs him that he’s got 20 min before the FBI gets there. They hang up and Galvez starts setting up the explosives. I know it goes without saying, but… that’s a lot of C4.

2-3am-jackJack and Walker ride on a bicycle built for two… I mean, in the helicopter. Jack tries to comfort Walker and talks about losing partners and why he works alone (because Chase’s hand will never be the same… hee. That scene still simultaneously squicks me out and makes me giggle.) He tells her not to pretend like she’s not feeling anything. Sound familiar? “That’s how you make a mistake,” Jack says. Wow. That bioagent is strong stuff. “Don’t tell me what to feel and don’t tell me how to feel,” Walker fires back.

Tony sees Walker land and shoots a predatory stare towards the chopper, but is taken aback when Jack emerges as well. That throws a wrench into things. But oh, man. If there’s one thing I like, it’s Tony v. Jack. Eeeexcellent. Tony approaches Jack and assures him he’s okay after shooting hims– I mean, getting ambushed. Jack warns Walker she doesn’t have to do this, but she insists on seeing Moss’ corpse. Moss looks like crap because, well, he’s dead. Walker gets teary and walks over to the car, her back to his body. Jack looks at Moss’ bullet wounds, then at Walker, and orders Moss’ body covered up. Tony apologizes about Larry and spews the “ambush” bull some more. He tries to console Walker by saying that he’s pretty sure Moss saved his life, but I’m not sure it’s helping. The medic says Tony was hit by a 9mm, but Jack points out that Moss was killed with a .45. Unless the shooter was switching from weapon to weapon, Galvez must have had help. Walker runs off to alert the team and Jack asks Tony if he’s okay. Tony shakily LIES that he is.

On her way out of town, Spawn calls her husband (Stephen) and he asks what happened. She tearfully reveals Jack’s dying and LIES that there’s nothing the doctors can do. Stephen asks her why she isn’t staying in Washington. Spawn says it will only make things worse. And you know what the worst thing is? She didn’t tell Jack about her adorable little baby (who just happens to be named Teri) because she didn’t want to burden him. UHHHHH. Holy crap. Little Bauer!! ZOMG.

Back at the tactical team site, Jack’s looking really really bad. Tony’s watching carefully. Jack’s having some sort of abdominal pain, so he walks off to give himself an injection in a manly fashion. Tony follows, insisting he go back to FBI to get medical treatment. Jack tells him there’s no cure and Tony apologizes before asking Jack why he’s in the field. Indeed, Tony. Get him out of there! He’ll only cause you trouble. Jack says Walker just lost her partner and he thought he could help her — he owes her that much.

Galvez kills an FBI agent and jacks his walkie-talkie. He reports to Walker, pretending he’s agent he murdered, that he’s got a visual on… himself. What a ruse! Galvez is breaking up though, because he’s using a knife to screw up the signal on the walkie-talkie. He gives Walker the location of the building and says the suspect is alone. Walker orders the majority of her troops there and leaves with them. “Jack?” Walker asks expectantly. “I can’t,” Jack says. He looks terrible. Again. He tells her watch her back. Tony looks on eeeevilly. No! Not Red!

Fake!Patty and Jon Voight are led out of the White House. Jon Voight recognizes a tattoo on one of his military escort’s arms, which means the guy must have served with Starkwood units abroad. When prompted, the soldier tells Jon Voight that the Starkwood men were brave under fire. Jon Voight says the guy just made his day. Oh, so the attempted assault on the White House wasn’t enough? Jon Voight sits in the back of the escort van, contemplating. He finally pulls the red pill out of his pocket. He contemplates some more and then swallows the pill. Cue chest clutching. The escorts pull the van over as Jon Voight collapses on the floor, drooling and convulsing. The escort gets on the radio to inform the White House that they’re rerouting to Arlington Hospital. Quickly! Jon Voight can’t die! This show hasn’t had such a good villain in a very long time!

The FBI team pulls up to the building where Galvez is “hiding.” Walker radios Galvez and he tells her the suspect’s on the second floor. The FBI will clear the building room by room because they don’t know if there’s another hostile inside. Walker relays the information to Jack as Tony watches. Jack gets a call from Agent Mizelli because there was a discrepancy in the debriefing. “Vincent Cardiff” can’t be the source. Jack hangs up before Mizelli can explain, though, because he sees the monitor with all the radio transponder identification. Galvez’s radio is way off the grid. The FBI team starts clearing out rooms in the building, but they happen to ignore the TWENTY BAJILLION beeping C4 charges all around them. Jack connects the dots and order Walker to get their men out. Too late, though. Galvez sets off the charges and BOOM!! NOOOO! WALKER WAS INSIDE!! SOB! Jack orders the FBI forces to maintain their positions on the perimeter. He orders MedEvac to the location right away, and he and Tony head off towards the explosion.

2-3am-jack-walkerGalvez walks into the building amidst the chaos in his purloined FBI jacket as Tony and Jack arrive. Tony heads into the building. Agent Park tells Jack there were at least 3o people inside and there’s no report on Walker. In a corner, Tony comes across Galvez, who gives him the bioweapon canister before smearing himself with the blood of a downed agent. Jack moves through bodies, looking for Walker, who’s alive (YAY), and trying to do CPR on an agent. Jack gets her out of there and explains about how he knew it was a trap. Walker’s suspicious that someone was on the inside. Tony helps Galvez limp outside, playing the wounded gazelle again. Agent Mizelli calls Jack back and says that Vincent Cardiff was just picked up by authorities as he was trying to flee to Canada. There were no signs that Cardiff had been interrogated, as Tony had claimed. DUN DUN DUN.

Tony gets Galvez to a paramedic and the ambulance takes off. Jack runs after Tony, insisting, “We need to talk.” “Sure. What’s going on?” Tony asks innocently. Jack pulls a gun in response and calls him out on the Cardiff blunder. Tony LIES that he cut a deal with Cardiff to make the FBI think he was dead and let him disappear. “Meaningless lie,” Tony says. “You and I have been doing this long enough to know that there’s no such thing as a meaningless lie,” Jack replies as the gun starts to shake in his hand. Tony insists the intelligence was good and Jack just isn’t thinking straight. Jack thinks Tony was the second man. Tony calls Jack “insane and paranoid.” Jack’s shaking starts to get worse and Tony says that the toxin is impairing his judgment. Jack falls to the ground and starts convulsing. Tony pulls the gun out of his hand and then shows Jack the injection case that he must have lifted from Jack earlier while they were talking. “This what you’re looking for?” Tony calmly asks, “I never wanted to hurt you, Jack. I told you to stay out of it, but you wouldn’t listen, would you?” Two paramedics walk by and Tony directs them to help Jack because he’s having a seizure. Jack just wouldn’t listen to him. The medics walk by and Tony gets them to help Jack. Tony gives Jack a final, cold stare as Jack gurgles and shakes before walking off into the night.

Meanwhile, the paramedic in the ambulance begins to realize there’s nothing wrong with the bloody Galvez. Oops? Galvez pops up and stabs the paramedic before rushing to the front of the vehicle. He holds a gun to the driver’s head and tells him to drive.

He looks at him and walks away as Backpack Guy stabs the paramedic in the ambulance that’s taking him away. He holds a gun to the driver’s head and tells him to drive… dun-dee-dun-dee-DUN.

Next week on 24: Tony encourages another terrorist attack while strutting around sans-shirt! More explosions and shooting! Jon Voight liiiiiives! And Jack gets to interrogate him!! EEEEE!


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