25 Interesting Facts about Stephen King

He’s been called the master of horror and has become a legend in his own right as he’s put together some of the most horrifying visions ever conceived by a human being onto the page. Stephen King knows how to scare a person through his writing, which leaves me wondering what is it that scares him. Almost every writer draws from a deep, dark well that they can’t fully describe but tend to come up with an amusing name or a highly descriptive vision of. For some of us it’s the well, for others the pool, and for some it’s the random bits and pieces of mental flotsam that seem to float on the winds, just waiting to be plucked and utilized.

So what is it that drives Stephen King? I can’t be sure, but here are a handful of interesting things about the guy that you might enjoy.

That’s kind of interesting. I wonder if this was twenty or thirty years ago if he would ever think of trying out a variety show on the air. It might catch on with a niche audience.

This means he has a fear of the number 13. It might seem silly but it could have inspired the story that led to the film 1408. Ever notice how in so many buildings there is NO thirteenth floor?

Maybe it scared him that much. If you’ve ever written a book like King’s then you might notice how the hair on the back of your neck pricks up occasionally. I could be wrong though.

I do remember hearing something about this. Obviously he recovered but I think it took a while to get back to what he considers normal.

That seems sensible enough. There’s no need to be doing it anywhere else.

Now that’s just crazy. I had no idea he had anything to do with the X-Men. I wonder if it was just as messed up as some of his other stories or if he toned it down.

He’s seconded by many of his fans on this one. Despite being one of his scariest stories it is undoubtedly one of the best.

Trauma does a lot of weird things to the mind. This could have possibly been a small bit of inspiration for the Losers and how they forget so much when they grow up.

Some things are simply genetic. You might not see them coming but one way or another they will reveal themselves eventually.

Leave it to the master of horror to live in a home that looks like it could be featured in one of his own movies. The color is kind of interesting.

To be fair a lot of things that shouldn’t have been touched got changed by Kubrick for one reason or another. It’s easy to see why King wouldn’t have approved.

It just doesn’t seem like a mix that I can picture. Michael Jackson and Stephen King. It just doesn’t seem to fit, but obviously it worked for them.

There are a lot of authors that seem to be inspired by Lovecraft. The man was obviously a genius in his own right.

What hasn’t this guy done? He’s consorted with pop stars and movies stars and directors. He’s a busy person.

No harm there, it keeps the mind sharp and the skills well-honed.

It’s kind of enlightening to hear that a master of horror does indeed have fears of his own. Even with this however I’m sure he’s been on a plane a time or two.

This was pretty well documented for a while and King even went on to talk about it a few times. Unfortunately it’s a trap that a lot of authors fall into.

He’s a legend, pure and simple. If you’ve read everything he’s done you might have a grip about his endings but his stories on the whole are just awesome.

As if the clown couldn’t get any creepier, this would have been next level terrifying. Thank you Tim Curry for stepping in.

Go to any book store, even the used and out of date stores and you’re likely to find several copies of Stephen King’s books.

It’s the epicenter of his universe and the one thing that draws everything to its beginning and its close. And yet the movie just butchered it.

What author or creator doesn’t? As Jordy Verril he was a little over the top but it was funny all the same.

You’ve got to kind of wonder why he wrote under pen names when his own name was so well known and loved, but to each their own.

If you don’t like it for you then you won’t like it for the fans. Best to throw it out and start again.

Why am I not that surprised? It seems like a lot of folks living over that way are Boston fans.

Stephen King is just awesome. ‘Nuff said.


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