Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Begs Chad for Help

days of our lives

What’s going on with the people on Days of Our Lives is becoming questionable. It turns out that Aiden and Andre are working together to get rid of his rival, and it’s going to be bad news for the DiMeras. It seems that they are willing to get into dirty business with him, and that kind of situation never bodes well for anyone involved. As it happens, too, Chad is heartbroken and completely upset by the turn of events with Abigail. She’s burned, she’s upset and she’s sick. She’s not in her right frame of mind as it is, but things are simply getting worse for her by the moment, and she cannot even deal with that. Her life is in shambles, and she’s working hard to ensure she can get over it, but Chad isn’t feeling good about it.

Additionally, Adrienne and Lucas have a very romantic reunion. These two are clearly happy to be back together, and it shows. We just wonder how long they have together before things go awry and whether or not someone will work hard to ensure that they are not together for much longer. Things never seem to work out for so many people, and we want to be sure that this doesn’t happen to them. And what is going to happen to Abby? She’s begged Chad to get her out of the hospital, but she’s injured badly and cannot go anywhere. Will he and Jennifer work together to get her out? Or will they leave her behind and will they go out of their way to leave her there so that she can get better as she sees fit?

There is so much turmoil going on right now we simply do not know what will happen. Now that Chad knows how the fire started, he has some decisions to make that might not be the most comfortable. He really needs to remember that he has a little boy who has mostly already lost his mother as far as her personality is concerned, and we have other worries to keep in mind, too.

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