3 Things You Don’t Know About The Bold and the Beautiful’s Thomas

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Thomas is back and he’s worse than ever, but he’s one of those characters we have a love/hate relationship with. We love to hate him, for one, and we love to hate that he is not a nice man most of the time. But, he’s also a nice man on some occasions. He’s had his share of ups and downs, and he’s not making much of a change in his own life right now. But, he’s done some horrible things lately, and we cannot agree with the way he’s been lying to Hope and the way he’s been using his child. Not just using his child, either. He’s been hurting him and putting him in a scary situation so that he could get to the woman he feels is the one he loves. He’s not a super nice man at this point, and we thought we’d refresh your memories on his life the many not-so-nice things he’s done in the past few years.

He’s Dated Hope Before

He might have married her this time around, but this is not the first time that they’ve been together. They were in a relationship years ago when Steffy and Liam were first married. It began when he was asked by his younger sister to get Hope to fall for him so that she would let Liam and Steffy live out their new life as a married couple without interfering, and it worked. He even asked her to marry him in Mexico, and she said yes. Not that she was going to marry him that day or even right away, but she would eventually marry him at some point in their lives. This worked for them in the small meantime, but then she found out that he was initially going along with what his sister wanted, and she dumped him. He actually loved her and wanted to be with her, so this was not the first time that he’s wanted to be with Hope this badly.

He’s Had Issues with His Father

Throughout the years, he’s had some major issues with his father. There was a time when he and Caroline seemed to be getting close, and he was falling for her. But, that’s when Hope decided she was going to break up with her own boyfriend and try to win Thomas back. Rick wanted to be with Caroline at that point, and it was working out for him to use Hope to get what he wanted. That’s when things fell apart, and then Caroline decided to pursue a relationship with Ridge, who was so much older than her, and then Thomas slept with her one night when she took some anxiety pills and had too much booze. He had no idea, but she ended up pregnant that night. She married Ridge almost immediately after that night, but she thought the baby was his. He told her then that he had a vasectomy and could not have more children. That’s when she realized it was Thomas’ baby and she could not keep this to herself. They decided to pretend Douglas was Ridge’s baby and that worked for only a few moments before things fell completely apart and they had to make it right.

He’s Always Supported Steffy

Now that everyone knows that he was aware of the truth about the baby Steffy adopted, they are all shocked by it. We are not shocked, however. He has always had his sister’s back, and he has always done what it takes to be a good brother to her, to protect her, and to make sure her own life was a good one. And this is an example of this. He’s always done whatever he can to protect his sister, and this makes us wonder why anyone is shocked. He knew that the truth would destroy Steffy, and that she’s spent years being miserable and upset because of Hope and their issues. He also knew he could never get Hope to fall for him and marry him knowing that her baby did not die and that she ended her marriage to Liam for no reason. So, he lied.

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