4 Comic Con Interviews You Don’t Want To Miss

Comic Con is over and we’re all still trying to consume the massive amounts of information thrown at us on all of our favorite genre television shows. Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly managed to wrap up four must-see interviews, and we’ve embedded those below. Take a peak at what you might have missed and get the goods on your favorite shows and actors.

1. Elizabeth Mitchell – Okay, this is actually a video featuring the entire V cast, but it’s great. You can see the true sci-fi fan shining through in Mitchell. Who knew such a beautiful Hollywood star would end up being a sci-fi nerd! And as a bonus after watching the V cast, check out what the executive producer Jeffrey Bell has to say about V, and then check out the entire three part Wonder Woman panel at Comic Con, which featured Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Zoe Saldana!

2. Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon – The two talk Dollhouse for the fans, okay, well Joss talks Dollhouse and Eliza sits there and looks pretty, but I’m totally okay with that. Joss does talk about the different direction the show will go in and gives some very very tiny spoilers.

3. Michael C. Hall – The Dexter star talks about the first five episodes, how his character reacts to the new Jon Lithgow character, and explains some things about the animated prequel.

4. Felicia Day, star of The Guild, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse discusses the potential Dr. Horrible sequel and confirms she’ll be back this season on Dollhouse.

Source: EW.com

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