5 Awesome Over the Top Action Scenes in Bollywood Films

Bollywood movies have been on the rise now for a while. To be honest they’re not bad, some of them are almost like watching American action movies from the 1970’s and 80’s due to their gratuitous use of ridiculous special effects and action sequences that are extremely over the top. While by comparison they might not make as much sense to Americans as a Hollywood film, it’s important to keep in mind that the popularity of any film is usually dependent on the type of exposure it gets, and the perspective of the fans. So Bollywood films might get a little crazy, so what? Some fans absolutely love that.

Here are 5 Bollywood films that go way over the top.


Okay, the main character smacks a guy so hard on top of the head that he does a backflip, then a front flip right onto his face. It bears watching a couple of times just to get the hilarity of it. There’s no doubt that the director doesn’t want you to believe that this is possible, it’s simply the gimmick they chose to use. In truth it’s rather comical and even helps to contribute to the whole thing. Plus, this big, buff character sends people flying for yards with a single punch, like he’s the new version of Superman.

Dhoom 2


Oh where to start? Okay, the chopper could have cut them off any time but it hovers and just watches them to see where they’re going. Okay, fine, but then they cut them off by landing near the tunnel they just entered, doing WELL OVER 100 mph! Add to this the fact that their pursuers, also on bikes, are popping wheelies as they’re passing traffic that doesn’t seem to mind that there’s a high speed pursuit going on just a few feet away. Yeah, this goes over the top and doesn’t come down for a good long while. Oh, and apparently it’s easy to disconnect a flatbed trailer with a single shot while zipping by at around 150 mph. Totally.

Ek Tha Tiger

This guy must run the most insane obstacle courses ever devised every day just to be able to perform half of the crazy stunts he does. Plus, he and the bad guy must have extremely thick skulls to just bounce off of plate glass and then get up to go running again. It’s also pretty funny that they both take out a couple of tavern bouncers without too much trouble as they go right back to their chase. Yeah, thumbs up for over the top.


It’s like the Matrix, Zorro, and Avengers all got thrown into tumbler and this is what came out. He’s strong, fast, invulnerable, and stands for freedom and justice. But like a lot of superheros he doesn’t always pick his battlegrounds that wisely. It’s kind of doubtful that the owners of the buildings he’s crashing through with the bad guy will really thank him once it’s all said and done. But as far as over the top goes, oh yeah, no doubt.


There seems to be a trend here, and it’s if you’re a hero or otherwise are out for justice in Bollywood movies then you are just flat out tough. The protagonist in this film can cause a man’s head to rotate 180 degrees with one hit. He can fling a grown man like a rag doll, and he can take a full on chair shot to the back without even flinching. Yep, over the top isn’t unusual, it’s the norm.

Anyone that ever complains about a lack of realism in an American film needs to watch a few Bollywood flicks. After that American action stars almost seem like weak little kittens.

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