5 Reasons Why Kings Deserves Another Chance

NUP_133210_0937I first saw a teaser for NBC’s Kings in December of 2008. I was suffering from severe LOST withdrawal amidst perusing the deepest depths of the internet for a new show or two to excite me in the time being. This teaser I saw could hardly even be classified as a teaser — it was roughly ten ominous seconds of an orange flag waving across the screen. On this flag was a butterfly. Later I’d discover that this was the flag of mighty Gilboa, the same flag that embodied the spiritual revelation that King Silas (Ian McShane) experiences in the beginning of the show. On this teaser there was no premiere date. In fact, there was no information of any kind. All I distinctly remember it saying was ‘Follow the butterfly.’I shrugged and continued my search for new shows, quickly forgetting what I had just witnessed. A few months later Kings would air its pilot and receive critical acclaim. But I had no idea it was on. Nor did anyone else.

Forgive the ridiculous analogy, but NBC treated this new unique show like an ugly step sister. It was doomed to fail from the start. Despite everything that made it such an interesting television experience, it never had any hope. It was marketed to the completely wrong audience (it wasn’t actually marketed much at all) at a horrific time (the pilot aired in March). But all of this is beside the point. NBC failed miserably, but in their failures another network has the opportunity to prosper off this incredible show. Here are five reasons why it deserves a fresh start with a company that will treat it with the proper care:

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