5 Other Superheroes We Want to See Stephen Amell As

Arrow Season 5 Episode 17

Stephen Amell has made quite the name for himself as the green-garbed archer known as Green Arrow. There’s no doubt a lot of other DC roles he’d be qualified for, but why not make things interesting and have him jump across the pond to the MCU for a while? While I understand that some characters are not technically able to be used by the MCU, most Marvel fans would still be stoked to see a guy as popular as Amell take on a different role that could fit with what he’s already done.

Here are just a few roles he might be able to try on and fit without any real issues.

The Sentry

The Sentry is insanely powerful and well built, and he’s a bit of a brooder, which is to say that he’s actually quite unbalanced and only keeps it together with a little outside help most times. Amell would fit this position largely because of his build and because, as Oliver Queen, he does have a very serious side that would fit into this role very nicely. As to the overall psychosis of the Sentry, Amell might have to work into it, but he is definitely qualified to take on the role.


As serious as he can be, Amell has also shown on live TV, namely his guest appearance on RAW, that he knows how to take a few risks and have a few laughs while doing it. This is Fandral’s whole attitude, and Amell could easily take on that devil may care mien without question, and would still fit the physical description of this Asgardian without fail. Simply put, all he would have to do is learn a bit of swordplay and develop that cockiness that he’s already known so well for and he’d be perfect.

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

Talk about being brash, cocky, and full of himself. Oliver Queen has been all of these things in his time as the Green Arrow, and this attitude could easily carry over to this character. The Human Torch has been very self-centered in his life and for much of his developmental stage had a very “me-first” attitude. Despite this he still knew when to get serious and get down to business, which was what made him a great superhero. A guy that can play the slightly conceited Green Arrow can ace the part of the Human Torch.

Johnny Blaze – Ghost Rider

It comes down to attitude with this one. Johnny Blaze knew he was cursed and either railed against it or lived with for longer than anyone would think was feasible. He shared his body with a demon, or a fallen angel depending on which story you want to go with, and didn’t always have a say when the Rider would appear. As a tortured human being he cut off all ties with anyone and lived a life of solitude for as long as he could, which as we know wasn’t always made possible. Amell could nail this role considering that he does the part of an emotionally tortured character very well.

Alex Summers/Havok

Stating that Lucas Til wasn’t a good Havok isn’t fair at all, because truthfully he rocked it. Thankfully they never brought back that horrible costume from the 1990’s with the unwieldy headgear, but in this day and revamping a character like Havok could do wonders for the franchise, as he was a popular character back in the day. Maybe making him appear somewhat older would do the trick, as it would help to move the story line in a new direction for the X-Men, or X-Factor, or even X-Force depending on what team you wanted to bring to light. In any case, Havok is another character that continually faces multiple difficulties in his life and would play to Amell’s strengths.

Think about, more than one individual has jumped from the DCEU to the MCU and back again. Why not Amell? It might be an interesting switch.

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