5 Things You Didn’t Know about Meet the Putnams

Many are saying that TLC has done it yet again. They’ve found us another big family to binge on, another family to rag on and at the same time be entertained with. Meet the Putnams is TLC’s latest reality TV show that features a Duggar-like, incredibly large family living together under one roof. It’s definitely an old concept, but people are still intrigued about this new family. They are an entirely different set of people, after all, with different personalities and definitely a different set of beliefs. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the family that makes the show, Meet the Putnams.

1. They’re not religious.

No, they’re not like the Duggars. Religion is not a driving concept within the Putnam show. It’s a refreshing take and an interesting lead into why this family chooses to live together if something as commanding as religion is not requiring them to do so. Believe it or not, the Putnams say that their main reason for living together is just because they like each other and they’re happy with their living situation. Sounds too simple? It might be.

2. There are 25 of them altogether.

There are 10 adults and 15 kids to be exact. That’s a quite intimidating number, to say the least. It also doesn’t help that there are a lot more adults involved. There are 5 sets of married couples living all in one roof. If they somehow manage to stay happy surrounded by other family members like that, they really must like each other. The 15 kids have it all to their benefit because they’ll never run out of playmates.

3. They vote on each other.

“Super Tuesday” is a voting day. This is a day when the entire family gathers round to vote on familial things that matter, such as who gets to leave next and when do they get to come back. It’s a strange matter for so many family members to be included in the decision making that traditionally only a couple might be involved in.

4. They only have 2 bathrooms to work with.

It’s kind of confusing, really. The family of 25 lives in a 5000 square foot home. That’s a relatively large enough space to have room for at least another 2 or even 3 bathrooms, 1 per couple. No one can be sure why they insist on having only 2, especially since their family business is in demolition and development. It makes it even more difficult to believe that they’re truly happy with their living situation; there aren’t many adults out there who are willing to sacrifice bathroom space for much of anything.

5. They share one bank account.

This tops off the list of what interesting thing you should know about the Putnams. If this doesn’t tell you how close the family members realy are, it might tell you just how weird their arrangement is. The adults are working professionals, a couple of them even medical doctors. We’re not sure what would drive any adult to share or divulge financial earnings and responsibilities with an entire clan, but the Putnams do it. And it seems like they do so willingly. Either we’re all doing something wrong with our family lives or the Putnam family is just another outlier like the Duggars. You decide.


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