5 Things You Didn’t Know About Veronica Dunne

One of Disney’s most popular series, K.C. Undercover has kicked off another season, and if this season is anything close to what the series has produced in the past, it will have parent installing televisions in their kid’s rooms all summer. That is because K.C. Undercover may be one of the most addictive kids shows in rotation – causing kids to hijack family room televisions with a vengeance. It is obvious that the show centers on the key character Played by Zendaya, but her BFF on the show, played by Veronica Dunne, is also a point of focus. There are a lot of fans who are becoming increasingly inquisitive about Veronica Dunne, so we decided to give you some facts about this young actress that will help you become more familiar with who she is.

1. She And Zendaya are Also BFF’s Off Screen

While fans of the show understand how close Marisa, Dunne’s character, is to K.C., but what they may not be aware of is the fact that the two are actually very close off screen. While being friends with the show’s star, who also doubles as one of its producers can create a complicated situation, these two young ladies have found a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. When they are not shooting for the show, they spend time together and stay in touch with one another – consistently sustaining their personal relationship.

2. Accessorizing Is How She Supports Her Passion for Fashion

For the fashion sensitive, it is clear that there are multitudinous ways to achieve a sense of fashion relevance. Although most people focus on the key elements like dresses, blouses, shorts, and pants, Veronica says that she spends most of her effort on keeping up her bag and boot game. For Veronica, it is more about accessorizing the key pieces that the key pieces themselves. The right boot and bag can make almost any outfit stand out, according to the young K.C. Undercover star.

3. She Prefers to Be a Trend Setter

When it comes to fashion, most people tend to follow the trend. It takes a bold personality and a free spirit to be willing to be a trend setter. Veronica admits that she has embraced the trend setter mindset, not only in fashion but in almost every area of her life. She likes one-of-a-kind pieces over the more trendier styles. She does not consider what others are doing when is decided on her next move. She is really into freely expressing who she is, and her celebrity is definitely providing her with the right platform.

4. She is A Huge Fan of Kate Hudson

It should be no surprise that the gorgeous young blonde would idolize another astonishing beautiful blonde when it comes to appeal and presentation. As far as Veronica is concerned, Kate Hudson is nothing short of amazing. Veronica is really fascinated with Kate’s sense of fashion, admitting that every time she sees Kate at a red carpet event, Kate can’t be any more gorgeous at that moment. However, another red carpet event rolls up and here is Kate looking more astonishing than before.

5. She Is Very Serious About Her Image

There is no shortage of celebrities declaring that they are not role models in an effort to circumvent their responsibility to properly influence the minds of those who idolize them. However, Veronica reveals that she takes her responsibility to be a good role model very seriously. She realizes that there are a lot of young girls watching her on a consistent basis, and this is an opportunity to present a positive message about what life has to offer.

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