666 Park Avenue: First Look at ABC’s New Supernatural Drama

666 Park Avenue may not be an address most people want to have, particularly since residence at this particular address comes with a price.

The Drake is run by the building’s mysterious owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn), and his wife, Olivia (Vanessa Williams). Anything a resident desires will be granted by Gavin. Enter Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable), a young couple from the Midwest who are given the opportunity to manage The Drake. Immediately, they’re sucked into the spells weaved by Gavin and Olivia, and soon fall prey to the supernatural forces that reside within The Drake and imprison the residents’lives.

666 Park Avenue stars Rachael Taylor (‘Charlie’s Angels,”Grey’s Anatomy,’Transformers) as Jane Van Veen, Dave Annable (‘Brothers & Sisters,”Reunion’) as Henry Martin, Robert Buckley (‘One Tree Hill,”Lipstick Jungle’) as Brian Leonard, Mercedes Masöhn (‘The Finder,”Chuck,”Three Rivers’) as Louise Leonard, Helena Mattsson (‘Iron Man 2,”Nikita,”Desperate Housewives’) as Alexis Blume, Samantha Logan as Nona Clark, with Vanessa Williams (‘Desperate Housewives,”Ugly Betty,”Shaft,”Soul Food’) as Olivia Doran and Terry O’Quinn (‘Lost,”Millennium,”Hawaii Five-0,”Alias,”The West Wing,”Jag’) as Gavin Doran.

The show was based on the book series of the same name by Gabriella Pierce. Watch a trailer for the show below, which will be airing on Sundays at 10:00 p.m.

For more on ABC’s fall schedule, click here.

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